Widgeon Marsh Regional Park Reserve grows with land purchase in Coquitlam


Metro Vancouver has added land to Widgeon Marsh Regional Park Reserve in Coquitlam, bring its total area to 627 hectares.

The regional government announced today (December 19) that it has bought an eight-hectare property to be used as an access point for the regional park reserve, which is not open to the public.

Widgeon Marsh Regional Park Reserve protects wetlands and, in the future, may be used for hiking, cycling, picnicking, bird-watching, and other recreational activities.

“The region’s forests, fields, coastlines, wetlands and watercourses are integral pieces of a habitat network for fish and wildlife,” Vision Vancouver councillor Heather Deal, chair of Metro Vancouver’s environment and parks committee, said in a news release. “They also provide essential ecological services, such as clean drinking water. They protect the ecological health of our region and make it more resilient to climate change.” 

Metro Vancouver oversees 22 regional parks, four park reserves, two ecological conservancy areas, and five greenways.

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what's not discussed the potential plans to turn Minnekhada regional park into a 105 acre rock quarry.

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Alan Layton
For once could they just leave a wildlife reserve for the use of wildlife? As soon as you start opening to the public then you put in roads, cycling paths and walking paths all through it and this disrupts the system with noisy people and their off-leash dogs constantly attacking the wildlife. Just leave it as is and let nature take it's course. There are plenty of other regional parks where people can 'recreate' in.
Rating: -4
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