Ice storm clobbers Toronto, leaving 300,000 households without power


A catastrophic storm has caused havoc in Toronto just three days before Christmas.

There are reports of 300,000 households without power across the city—and many more have lost electricity outside of Greater Toronto.

Mayor Rob Ford says the top priority is getting power to hospitals.

He has encouraged people without food and electricity to go to community centres.

A build-up of ice caused by freezing rain caused trees to collapse on power lines, homes, and vehicles.

The transit system is in chaos with buses picking up people who would ordinarily rely on streetcars.

In addition, subway service was not available at several stops because of power outages in those areas.

It could take days to restore electricity in some areas. Problems appear to be worse in the suburbs where there are more trees.

In addition, at least 200 flights have been cancelled during one of the busiest travel times of the year.

Meanwhile, the ice storm has many Torontonians pulling out their cameras to record what's going on in their neighbourhoods.

Below, you can see some videos that have been posted on YouTube today.

A drive around one of Toronto's wealthier neighbourhoods after the storm.
Video of a power line that came down on Millwood Avenue.
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