Carole Taylor cited as ideal Vancouver mayoral candidate


Would you like to see Carole Taylor run for Vancouver mayor?

Yes 42%
84 votes
No 52%
104 votes
Unsure 6%
12 votes

About six years ago, Carole Taylor passed up a chance to run for mayor of Vancouver. Nevertheless, time doesn’t seem to have diminished her allure as a prized candidate.

Although there are no public indications that Taylor is being courted again, this time for the November 2014 civic election, the Simon Fraser University chancellor remains highly regarded.

“If she wants to do it, then, yes, the red carpet would be out. No doubt about that: the dream candidate,” former Vancouver councillor Gordon Price said in a phone interview when the Georgia Straight brought up Taylor’s name.

According to Price, Taylor has so much appeal that she could run with an established party, start a group of her own, or go as an independent.

“That would be a hell of a campaign, wouldn’t it? That would be a fun one,” Price said.

Price and Taylor were elected as councillors in 1986, he as a candidate for the Non-Partisan Association and she as an independent.

Taylor, the first host of CTV’s Canada AM, served on council until 1990, returning to politics at the provincial level in 2005, after a stint as chair of the CBC and of the Vancouver Board of Trade. She was elected as B.C. Liberal MLA in Vancouver-Langara and later appointed finance minister. She announced in 2007 that she would not seek another term.

Months after she was encouraged by supporters—such as then–Vancouver park commissioner Allan De Genova—to run for Vancouver mayor in 2008, she announced in January of that year that she wouldn’t make the attempt because she didn’t want to trigger a by-election in Vancouver-Langara.

Taylor’s term as SFU chancellor ends in the summer of 2014. Her husband, former Vancouver mayor Art Phillips, died in March. Taylor couldn’t be reached for comment by the Straight’s deadline.

Former NPA council candidate Michael Geller can’t imagine Taylor returning to civic politics, much less running for mayor.

“I would be very surprised if she chose to give up her current lifestyle for the early-morning and late-night meetings that the position requires,” Geller said in a phone interview when the Straight mentioned her name.

If Taylor does decide to run for mayor, Geller, like Price, believes that she will be a strong contender.

“Carole Taylor is one of the most engaging people you can meet,” Geller said, “and she would be an exceptional candidate.”

Price is also connected to SFU, as the university’s city-program director. However, he noted that he hasn’t spoken to Taylor in years.

Although Price sees a Taylor candidacy producing a “dead heat” with Mayor Gregor Robertson, he also said that the advantage remains with the incumbent and his Vision Vancouver party.

“If the pattern of the past 20 years or so is indicative of the future, parties and mayors don’t get beaten,” Price said. “They don’t get beaten so much as they disintegrate.”

So far, according to Price, Robertson’s Vision is solid and hasn’t shown signs of internal conflict.

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Wasn't it Carole Taylor who wanted to shut down all the secondary suites in Vancouver. Can you imagine what that would have done to the rental supply of housing at that time. She is an "airhead" designer with too much money and time on her hands.
Rating: +8
James Blatchford
I think Emily Carr would have a real shot too...and about the same likelihood of running as Ms.Taylor.
Rating: 0
Wasn't Taylor the Finance Minister here in BC who lowered the Bank Transfer tax to 0% then quit Liberal caucus for a banking gig?

ROFL nothing would get me moving towards Vision faster than one of these Liberal stooges running.
Rating: +6
Arm Chair
Her name is too closely attached to the nightmare era of the now exiled Gordon Campbell.
Rating: +5
Carole Taylor is 68 years old, and would be 72 by 2017.
Rating: -11
Is the Straight just going through the phonebook to see who might run?
Rating: -1
Former Vision supporter
I'm rather surprised to hear an intelligent political observer saying that Vision has a lock on the 2014 election.

Gregor may not be a dictator like Gordon Campbell or Sam Sullivan, but he appointed one as city manager and I blame Vision completely for the massive disconnect between city hall and the people they're supposed to serve.

Medium density doing its job of concentrating the population in sustainable ways is being bulldozed to make way for towers. Transit was completely ignored until the prospect of a super-expensive subway came along and suddenly Vision creates a pro-transit website while their financial supporters rub their hands in delight at the prospect 40 storey condo towers all the way from Commercial Drive to UBC. Despite all the progress on bike and pedestrian infrastructure they've made, the only "green" Vision truly loves is the kind with a picture of Benjamin Franklin on it.

Oh and Carole, your stint as Gordon Campbell's right hand woman wiped out any trust I had in you.
Rating: +9
As Bad As She May Be At Least...
...she's not Moonbeam. I'd vote for her. ABM. ABV.
Rating: -4
Alvin Karpas
We already have a great mayor. Looking forward to casting my vote for Gregor and all the hand-wringing from the nitwits who freak out over the potential of having to walk an extra block due to a bike lane.
Rating: -16
Go Carole!
Would love to see Carole Taylor run for Mayor! Her husband Art Phillips left a wonderful legacy in Vancouver - it would be a pleasure to see Carole build on that.
Rating: -4
Mayor Taylor
Please run. You are a sterling example of integrity and intelligence. She'd get my vote.
Rating: -5
Vision can't open their mouths without expressing arrogance and contempt for the citizens of Vancouver. Any more of that and the door is open for just about any alternatives.

Could it be that the almost two dozen City staff identified as "communications" people spend their time posting on these sorts of sites? They DO have a full time Facebook/Twitter person after all, and, really, who else but a paid hack would express unreserved praise for a mayor who has spent a considerable part of the recent past jacking us around?
Rating: +10
Bill McCreery
Based on the negative comments about Carol one suspects these are Vision Van plants as others above have noted. It confirms that Vision Van is afraid of her or any other credible opponent.

Gordon Campbell runs his own show, full stop! Being Mayor of Vancouver would give Carole the opportunity to finally be her own person. She has proven her capabilities in her role as the best BC finance minister in memory.
Rating: +1
Is there going to be a Team Party - in the next Muni election????????????????

I will vote for any party that will undo 90% of the bike lanes (move them onto side streets) - open Cornwall and Point Gray Roads to cars and promise to leave the Dunsmuir and Georgia Street bridges alone.
Rating: -7
Who is writing this article?? A paid PR hack from the Liberals? How anyone could even suggest that is neo-con rich and out of touch person could be a good choice is beyond me. She would be worse than the Vision Business Party!
Rating: -12
Martin Dunphy

Since you are asking (and obviously didn't read), the people who are saying that are Gordon Price and Michael Geller.
The person who asked them the question is a Straight reporter.
Rating: +9
Dave Pasin
I find it interesting that the usual partisan arguments are being made by many of the "usual suspects" regarding Ms. Taylor.

The fact is Ms. Taylor was an outstanding finance Minister who worked hard to develop labour peace with unions in a constructive manner and balanced the provinces books.

I would also remind the "usual suspects" the she was held in very high regard by her collegues on both sides of the house for her abilities, eloquence and respect for those who both agreed and disagreed with her. She treated the electorate, people and pubpic monies with respect.

Ms. Taylor is her own person, a consensus builder and not beholden to anyone, unlike those in the current administration.

Lets not forget not to mention she would also be the first woman mayor of the City.

Ms. Taylor would be an ideal mayor who would end the divisivness and acrimony perpetuated by Vision and bring fiscal sanity back to our City. She could also be the perfect individual to revitalize many of Art Phillips and TEAM's ground breaking intitatives involving planning and development of the City.

At some point pitting neighbourhood against neighbourhood has to end and Ms. Taylor's record proves she would the ideal Mayor to do so.

TEAM has been revitalized and has been working hard to get the word out as well as develop policies that are inclusive and respectful.

Rating: +2
No More Corporate Welfare
Jeez lets look at the Record for some Facts shall we?

1. While Finance Minister she resided over RECORD DEBT & the run up to the OWE-Lympics,

2. She eliminated the Bank Tax Great for the protected Bank Oligopoly in Canada bad for British Colombians as the Revenue Short Fall has to be made up by us,

3. She was part of the Corporate Welfare Gordo Bilderberg Group for massive Corporate Welfare,

Her Record as Bank "Friendly"...

On May 17, 2005, she was elected to Legislative Assembly of British Columbia in the 2005 election as the member representing Vancouver-Langara. On June 16, 2005, she was named Minister of Finance.

As the Minister of Finance, she signed up 100% of all BC public sector contracts before they were set to expire. Perhaps her most controversial achievement was the introduction of the first carbon tax anywhere in North America.

On November 30, 2007, she announced that she would not be running for re-election in the 2009 election.

In one of her last acts as Finance Minister, Carole Taylor ended the corporate capital tax on banks—$100 million a year in government revenue.

Upon leaving government, Taylor joined the TD Bank board where she stands to earn $145,000 to $300,000 per year.


I believe we don't need yet another pro Corporate Welfare / Corporate Socialist that puts the interests of Big Business before British Colombians.
Rating: +3
James G
Are we to take this seriously? Is this a filler or 'wouldn't it be cool if ..." piece? We might dream of a contest between Rick Hansen, Bob Lenarduzzi, Trevor Linden and Mike Harcourt if we are only spinning our tires -- two tires or four!

Traction, meaning somebody actually knows something is different. Maybe she is interested. Could this be an initial run up the flagpole? Would she be good? For me, not as an elected official. I am not inclined to issue candidates "Get-out-of-Gordon Campbell cabinet record-free" passes like the 'Straight' seems to do for Joyce Murray. But, I am atypical. Neither the Mayor nor any of the 10 elected City Councillors got there with my vote last time.

Let's then just examine her as a candidate and presuming she has that inclination. This city has never had a woman elected Mayor. That is overdue. Ms. Taylor ran once completely on her own under the slogan "save a vote for Carole Taylor!" and won. That's good politics if you have the name recognition and funds to carry it off. Let's say she ran as an independent while the NPA decided not to formally nominate a Mayoral candidate. For underfunded parties, that is a hindrance to the slate vote but the slate vote might have seen better days and enough funding can overcome that lack of a top name on a slate.

Running on her own would allow her to avoid whoever within the NPA was determined to portray themselves as Tea Party North last election. That might allow some support from groups like NSV and the new TEAM to add endorsements, should they so decide.

In some ways it doesn't matter so much on policy as to who is Mayor. The Mayor is mostly one vote out of eleven. The best result for the City would be to break the Vision majority on Council. If the voters would be so kind as to do so, even the remaining Visionistas might stop acting like the hired guns brought into a Wild West town by modern mineowners -- realtors and developers -- to let the ranchers and other landed gentry know who is now in charge.
Rating: +4
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