Man shot inside Cactus Club Café in Burnaby


A man shot inside a Cactus Club Café in Burnaby is expected to survive.

According to Lower Mainland District RCMP, the man in his 30s was shot by another man today (January 7) while sitting with others in the restaurant at 4653 Kingsway, across the street from Metropolis at Metrotown.

In a news release, police said "indications are that this shooting was targeted" though "it is not clear as to whether there are any gang connections".

"The restaurant had several patrons inside at the time of the shooting," Sgt. Peter Thiessen, spokesperson for Lower Mainland District RCMP, said in the release. "It is extremely fortunate that no innocent bystanders were injured."

Witnesses told police that the suspect fled on foot. The victim was transported by ambulance to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Burnaby RCMP's serious crime unit is investigating with help from Lower Mainland Distrct RCMP's integrated police dog service and forensic identification service.

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458 Speciale
That would explain the heavier than normal traffic chaos around the Metrotown area this afternoon. Those damn punks really need to take on more practical hobbies instead of killing each other!
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These id*ots have a fatalistic attitude towards life and will do anything for power and money. Maybe the crappy hip hop/rap/gangster music they listen to is messing them up. Life imitates bad art!
Rating: -1
Juan Carlos
Just a quick note to the gangsters out there... we understand you have gangster shit to do, like move drugs and prostitute women and all that. Most of us aren't into that, and really wouldn't care so much if it weren't for the fact that you're intruding into our innocent space.

By all means, go kill each other. We (as per above, those not into this shit) don't mind. At all. The part we mind is when you're so reckless and inconsiderate to do this around us. We didn't do anything, and we don't deserve to be caught in the crossfire of your bullshit.

One would've though the Surrey tragedy would've at least had you thinking about it. "Huh... yeah, ok, go kill the guy, but maybe the Cactus Club on Burnaby, full of moms and babies and Staples workers and Fitness World clients isn't the best place to do it."

You know, and I do speak for all citizens of the lower mainland... we understand you're involved in shit. We understand there's this violence that seems to need to go along with it. We're not part of it, so we don't really get it... but whatever, it's your gig. We'll stipulate to your better judgement that this sort of stuff can't be talked about to reach resolutions. You need to kill each other. Again, I get it -- though not really.

But please... and we're all asking nicely... go do it somewhere else. Back alley, 2am, shitty of town when no one is around... that's perfect! Yeah, we get it, you're human and you need to eat. But just don't do that when there are other (innocent) people around. You seem to do your gangster shit at night, so maybe the daytime could be for routine stuff. How about a big 6am to 2am timeout. That'd be perfect. All the hardworking people who pay the taxes that'll be paying for your housing for 25 years will be out of the way from 2am to 6am... that's the perfect time to go play "hunt the gangster". It's not too much to ask. The people who consume your drugs and bang your hookers are, after all, the very innocent people likely to get caught in the crossfire. It's bad business to shoot them for no reason.

Rating: +24
If you were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic in the Metrotown area around 3pm, blame it on the m*rons trying to kill each other at the Cactus Club restaurant. What a bunch of f*cking id*ots!
Rating: +1
Johnny Roselli
As long as there's a "War on Drugs", these episodes of criminal violence are guaranteed to continue.
Rating: +11
Vancouver is becoming Mexico North.

Enough is enough the Authorities, politicians and Courts must crack down on these idiots.
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I guess Cactus Club may have to install metal detectors & cameras and hire armed security to prevent these clowns with weapons from entering the restaurant.
Rating: +3
Harsh! I like chilling at the Cac, scoping out the hotties while pounding some coldies! Ain't got time for dudes shooting each other. Buzzkill city.
Rating: +2
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