Two girls sexually assaulted walking to school in Delta


Police are looking for a single suspect after two teenage girls were sexual assaulted while they were walking to school in North Delta.

According to Delta police, a man followed two Grade 8 students onto a footpath in the Sunshine Hills area, and attacked one of them around 8 a.m. this morning (January 10).

Police believe the same man then sexually assaulted a Grade 9 student on his way out of the area.

"Delta Police are in the early stages of the investigation of these assaults. Police have been unsuccessful in locating the suspect at this time and the investigation continues," a police news release states.

Police describe the suspect as being in his 40s, with long blond hair and a scruffy beard, and wearing a "black leather jacket, jeans, black and white toque with a hint of red".

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If the age is as stated,this guy is a registered sex offender.You don't just start this kind of thing at 40.They either got the age wrong or this is a known felon.
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