Prime minister rocked by Neil Young's tar-sands blast


According to the spokesman for the prime minister, even the lifestyle of a rock star relies on oil exports [“Video: Neil Young condemns oil sands developments, comparing their effects to Hiroshima”, web-only]. The Harper government’s concern for the lifestyle of rock stars is indeed touching.

But if lifestyle maintenance is so important to the Conservatives, perhaps they will ensure that Canadian senior citizens continue getting their old-age pensions beginning at 65 and having their mail delivered to their front doors.

> Larry Kazdan / Vancouver

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Methinks it may be time for Harper to stage another "impromptu" musical performance, with a little help from his friends--in the oil industry and the lamestream media.
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Ziggy Eckardt
I take it, Larry Kazdan has researched how much extra money will have to come out of his paycheque to carry on with the unsustainable practices he demands. Thank you for the voluntary contribution. Please note that the majority of Canadians voted in the Harper government to reduce waste and should, therefor, be exempt from the additional tax.
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