North Shore Rescue leader Tim Jones dies on Mount Seymour


Over the years, Tim Jones helped save many lives on Mount Seymour.

Ultimately, the local search-and-rescue legend and paramedic would spend his final moments on its slopes.

North Shore Rescue has announced that their 57-year-old team leader died on Sunday (January 19).

"Tim passed away on the trail on Mt. Seymour after completing team business at our cabin," the search and rescue team said in a news release.

"We extend our deepest condolences to his family.

"We are very sad that [we] have lost our tenacious leader who has done so much for this team and our community."

Jones was an outspoken advocate of not charging lost and injured backcountry users for rescues.

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I didn't know him personally, but like many others I felt like I did. Jones did so much for this province in terms of awareness and education and showed a dedication to his cause that was nothing short of inspirational. I believe he has an Order of BC. I wonder if there is some way to get him posthumously nominated for an Order of Canada?
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Alan Layton
This is very sad and a blow to the rescue community. He was a true hero.
Rating: +9
A real loss. What really stood out for me (as I watched him on TV) was how he would not give up on someone, even if that person had been lost for a very, very long time. In one touching instance I can recall, he spoke respectfully of the lost person's family and said the team would keep looking. What a comfort those words must have been to them. Someone I know was reproachful when they heard this sad news, accusing Jones of being "addicted to being a hero". To which I say: what the hell is wrong with that? The world could use more people willing to risk their lives to save others. RIP, Mr. Jones. My condolences to your family and loved ones. You saved a lot more than the people your team located on the mountain; you saved their families and friends too.
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Dearest Tim,we shall continue your quest for 2-legged&4legged,loved&remembered always
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Oh's the guy always on TV asking people to be prepared when going outbounds. I liked that he squirmed at suggestions of charging those that he rescued. Kinda makes me feel like a cold-blooded snake, now that his message rings more powerful. RIP. A big loss and will miss seeing the guy on TV.
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Michael Puttonen
Leonard Cohen's poem "There Are Some Men" crowded my mind when I heard of Tim Jone's passing. Here's part of it--

"There are some men
who should have mountains
to bear their names to time.

Grave markers are not high enough
or green...

...Nor is this a mourning-song
but only a naming of this mountain
on which I walk,
fragrant, dark, and softly white
under the pale of mist.
I name this mountain after him."
Rating: +7
BC Boy
So sorry. RIP.

It's a travesty that the Politicians won't Fund Search and Rescue fully given the clear need.

But for Politicians there's always Money for Corporate Welfare in Banks, Oil and Gas especially but not for British Columbians.
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