Kevin Bieksa's overtime goal gives Vancouver Canucks a 5-4 win over Phoenix Coyotes


The Canucks ended a scoring drought against Phoenix, scoring five goals tonight at Rogers Arena.

But it was still a 5-4 cliffhanger thanks in part to two flukey goals by the Coyotes.

The difference was an overtime wrist shot by Canucks defender Kevin Bieksa, his fourth of the season and second of the game.

Vancouver's other goals came from Jannik Hansen, Chris Higgins, and Zac Dalpe.

Antoine Vermette scored a hat trick for Phoenix. The other Coyote marker was by Shane Doan at 5:24 of the third period, tying the game at 4-4. 

Phoenix outshot Vancouver 33-25.

Vancouver had a power-play going into the overtime, but couldn't convert. On the bright side for the Canucks, it was their first five-goal game since December 14.

And they delivered on assistant coach Mike Sullivan's pregame suggestion that the team was ready to end its scoring slump. Going into the game, Vancouver had only eight goals in its last seven matches.

After tonight's match, Sullivan called it a "strange game".

"There were a lot of chances on both sides, which isn't the game we necessarily want to play," he said.

The Canucks' win lifts the team to within one point of the Los Angeles Kings, who are third in the Pacific Division.

Phoenix is in fifth place, five pionts behind Vancouver but with a game in hand.

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p lg
My first live Canuck game in 20 years. Must say I was impressed by Higgins. Every shift he gave it all.

However, the unabashed commercialism throughout the game, fans inundated with wall to wall ads flashing blaring throughout the game and then there's the 2 unexplained "time-outs" per period to not leave out the television audience to the ad onslaught. Can you say a sanctioned equivalent to water-boarding?

The only fans featured on the jumbo tron above centre ice were those wearing the franchise's merchandise. I realize they have to pay for all the high priced athletes but please is there another way besides this?

And then there's the 100+ dB sound system run by a defrocked DJ and of course the management who instead of encouraging fan participation continued throughout the night to take the wind of the sails of that enthusiasm. Just when the fans got into the game in a vocal way, his/her loudness overpowered and shut it down.

The Uganda Children's Choir was an unexpected treat, now perhaps instead of the canned useless noise perhaps more innovative use of real live talent during the short breaks could be more effective and more entertaining.

My suggestion for more entertaining hockey is to move to an international size ice surface. Let see how Team Canada does at this year's Sochi Games when they don't have the advantage of the postage size NHL ice rink.

To Higgins and Bieksa and Richardson (who despite his size, went to the boards and dug dug dug) thanks.
Rating: -6
@p lg, You're right about Higgins, he ALWAYS gives his all. But you're wrong about the sound system. Yes, it is loud and sometimes the music is obnoxious, but I know the person who runs the sound system, and he wouldn't be caught dead being a dj.
Rating: -3
It was a 7-goal output by the Nucks if you count the own goals!

I didn't mind the in game experience but I think that the "make some noise" and "whoo!" canned audio is embarassing and crass.
Rating: -4
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