Justin Trudeau’s backing of Keystone XL helps NDP


My advice is all progressive voters (including Conservatives) hold their noses and vote NDP [“ Justin Trudeau accuses Stephen Harper of failing to make the case for the Keystone XL pipeline”, web-only]. I’ve been doing it for a decade, and it actually feels good to get someone elected every now and again. I’ve held my nose and voted COPE and VISION, and it’s better than the alternatives.

And for those who think Conservatives cannot be progressive, there is a fine tradition of Red Toryism. Progressive Tories and NDP are by definition conservative, family-oriented, and environmental lovers. Once Harper removed the “Progressive” it was more like what the current “Blue Tories” are: corporate apologists.

Do it kids and elders: hold your nose and vote NDP. It’s the rallying cry of 2015.

> Thomas Folkestone / Straight.com

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