Provincial booze edict elicits varied responses


All that restrictive laws do is make life miserable for law-abiding people [“ B.C. government to end cordoned-off beer gardens at music festivals”, web-only]. Good for the B.C. government on this one!

If people get obnoxious, punish them, not everybody else. I maintain the idea of “Do whatever as long as you don’t bug anybody else.” We need to do away with more of this nanny-state stuff.

> Nicole Chaplain-Pearman /

Oddly, B.C. keeps loosening the liquor laws while arresting record numbers of marijuana smokers.

> Bruce Dean /

Coming soon to B.C.: a pint or two or three of beer with your Big Mac or Buddy Burger. Just don’t run over the kids when backing out of the parking lot.

> Rudy Haugeneder /

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