CEO gluttony demonstrates Canada’s democratic deficit


A study from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives published earlier this year shows that Canada’s 100 best-paid CEOs breezed through year 2012 with earnings near 271 times higher than the average Canadian worker—$7.96 million compared to $46,634 [“ Top 100 Canadian CEOs averaged $7.96 million in compensation in 2012”, web-only].

Some words easily come to my mind. They are: selfishness, contempt, cynicism, corruption, abuse, and patronage. And if we want to push deeper, they are: political parties’ financing, lobbying, propaganda, media concentration, diversion of democracy, and lack of democracy.

I am sure Canadians do not only think this is unfair. An increasing number of them must also realize that only an equal sharing of powers, which would mean a real democracy, would lead us towards an equal wealth sharing.

> Bruno Marquis / Gatineau, Quebec

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