Hallelujah, Pee-wee Herman is making us laugh again!


I love his show [“ Pee-wee Herman’s new adventure”, January 30–February 6]. I grew up never missing a episode.

I had a VHS tape of some of his shows and I made sure my daughter watched them. She loved them as much as I did. She is 17 now.

Today I found a few episodes and let my seven-year-old son see them. He was mesmerized.

My daughter and I sat there watching it with him and we all were having so much fun! Kids’ shows today do not even compare to Pee-wee’s Playhouse. As long as I am around I will be forever grateful to Paul Reubens for creating such a exceptional character, making my childhood magical, and letting me spend quality time with my family.

I’m so glad you’re back and getting the chance to show another generation your genius. You’ve been gone way too long. Thanks for everything Paul. My family waits with anticipation to see your new show and movie.

> Kelly Griffith / Straight.com

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