Restaurateur Colin Shandler to challenge Gregor Robertson for Vancouver mayor


Colin Shandler owns   The Tipper, a Vancouver restaurant on Kingsway, east of Victoria Drive.

While he already wears a chef’s hat, Shandler wants a new one: that of the city’s mayor.

On his Twitter account, Shandler describes himself firstly as an independent mayoral candidate in this year’s municipal election.

When reached today (May 16) at his restaurant, the entrepreneur answered some questions, but he had one request.

“Please don’t write anything until you get to know me,” Shandler told the Straight by phone.

Shandler also suggested finding someone in the neighbourhood who may know him, although he didn’t provide a name.

The Straight took a chance by calling Joseph Jones, a retired UBC librarian who keeps track of development issues through his Eye on Norquay blog.

It turns out that the two are fairly acquainted since Jones and some of his fellow city watchdogs have booked space at The Tipper for a number of meetings in the past.

According to Jones, Shandler strikes him as a decent guy.

Although Jones doesn’t feel enthusiastic about the fall election, he’s quite pleased that someone like Shandler is interested in putting his name forward.

Jones said: “I’m glad to see at least one declared candidate other than [Vision Vancouver mayor] Gregor Robertson at this point.”

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Jennifer Fuller
Colin Shandler was a manager to me about 15 years ago. I believe that his leadership (in a restaurant) greatly shaped who I am today. He taught me so much about how to work with people while in service to them. He was strong without needing to be forceful, compassionate, a genuine 'people-person', committed, and committed to social change at a community level. It makes me happy to see that he's running. Shame I'm not in Vancouver anymore to vote!
Rating: +11
Vancouver isn't a restaurant.
Rating: -23
Stephen B
Yes it is; it's just not a good one.
Rating: +8
I am so sick of business people thinking that they know something about politics. Business people know one thing and only one thing--how to cut costs. As a general rule business people run for political office to legalize corruption--to enable them and their cronies to engage in a feeding frenzy at the public trough. They run for office to destroy government.

I know Gregor was in business before becoming mayor. He's not perfect, but you expect me to believe some business dude knows something about politics that some other business dude doesn't?

When pigs fly...
Rating: -4
T-bone Stallone
Here's a tip for Colon,
Shave your face, grow some hair, and get some policies. Otherwise, you're just a skinny looking Popeye who runs a greasy spoon on the east side.
Rating: +6
I give Colin credit, most people just complain, at least he is attempting to make the changes he wants. Now I just need to know what he stands for. Good luck, you're going to need it!
Rating: +2
Here's a tip for T-Bone. Lurn ta spel
Rating: +3
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