Bill Vander Zalm suspects Canadian government is geo-engineering climate

Environment Canada is conducting simulated geo-engineering experiments to control climate change.

Federal government documents received by former B.C. premier Bill Vander Zalm through a freedom of information request define geo-engineering as the modification of Earth systems.

“This approach is increasingly discussed in the scientific and policy communities because global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions continue to grow while science is converging on the need to reduce such emissions immediately in order to limit global warming to 2 [degrees Celsius] above pre-industrial levels (i.e. Copenhagen Accord),” states a 2012 Environment Canada briefing paper.

The document notes that geo-engineering methods are classified into two groups: solar radiation management, and carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere.

It also indicates that government scientists are involved in the internationally-coordinated Geo-Engineering Model Intercomparison Project or GeoMIP. The modeling program seeks to improve understanding of the “efficacy and unintended consequences” of solar radiation management.

The briefing paper was prepared in advance of a top-level inter-agency meeting convened by Environment Canada to discuss matters about geo-engineering options to address climate change.

A Natural Resources Canada memorandum notes that among those scheduled to attend were Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s national security advisor Stephen Rigby, and Richard Fadden, who was at that time director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

A slide presentation by Environment Canada reveals that the department has undertaken “two types of experiments”. One simulates the reduction of incoming solar radiation, and another in which “aerosols are injected into the stratosphere”.

Environment Canada didn’t grant the Straight an interview. Spokesperson Danny Kingsberry stressed via email that the department conducts only computer simulations, and not field experiments, as part of its ongoing participation with GeoMIP.

Last summer, Vander Zalm requested information on climate-control engineering being done by the government. Many suspect that cloud-like streams left by airplanes are chemical trails, or “chemtrails” that contain unknown substances used to alter the weather.

The former B.C. premier received 47 pages of documents from the federal government. Six pages were blank, and 10 pages had some portions blacked out.

The retired politician said that the papers prove that Canada is into geo-engineering. “There’s no doubt about it,” Vander Zalm told the Straight by phone. “As to what extent and what they’re spending and where they’re doing it, we don’t know exactly.”

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Bill is trapped somewhere between coast-to-coast am and the twilight zone.
Rating: -11
Why are people still reporting on what Vander Zalm thinks? Is there any doubt left he's a complete idiot?
Rating: -29
Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!
Rating: -32
T-bone Stallone
With a last name like Vander Zalm do you really expect anything less than a complete whack-job? Sounds like a movie title "Dr. Vander Zalm's Island..."
Rating: -43
Finally!! Someone is speaking out about this! There doing it in just about every country and have been for sometime now. There destroying the earth and every living thing on it. I am so glad someone is listening and speaking out at last. Bless you
Rating: +33
I Love you Mr Vander Zalm , of course they are playing with our weather , but the scary part is
there hiding it ,

Rating: +25
Evil Eye
Chem trails - er no folks they are contrails or condensation trails are made by water vapor from airplane engines, though there is some truth in the term chem trails, but in the 50's and 60's.

In the 1950's and later, the USA and many other countries experimented with "zip fuels" or fuels that were a blend of aviation fuel and chemical additives to create more thrust. Many of these chemical additives were decidedly dangerous, such as hydrogen peroxide.

In the 50's and 60's experimental jet aircraft had chemical vapor mixed in with water vapor and were indeed dangerous chem-trail, but oh so very few aircraft were fueled with "zip fuels".
Rating: -38
“Many suspect that cloud-like streams left by airplanes are chemical trails, or ‘chemtrails’ that contain unknown substances used to alter the weather.”

We call these people “crackpots”. Not only is there no evidence to support their claims, but they ignore the simple fact that airplane engines produce water vapour as a product of combustion. That's what condenses out to form vapour trails at high altitudes.
Rating: -25
Relic from the past.
I can't believe you guys would publish anything from this guy. The HST fuck up, Smart Meters 'they will know what you're eating and turn off your stove if they don't like it', and now Chem trails?
Who pays attention to this whack job?
Rating: -29
Judy Cross
I can't help but think there is another reason for smearing our skies with aluminum and barium. I think "global warming" is the excuse used to cover something far more sinister and very military.
Rating: +8
Finally, someone talking publicly about the chem trails and what the "sstem" is doing to us and the environment. While this is just a start, we have to stop spraying crap into the atmospher and the startisphere!
If we stop burning fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow and plant TREES again we could help stabilize the changing climate and prevent it (somewhat) from getting more extreme!
Rating: +5
John Beeching
The US has had such a program for over 20-25 years. Under harper there is no doubt collusion is well on the way. John
Rating: +23
Darren Pearson
Why listen to ANYBODY? your own research! A good place to start would be Vancouver Sky Watch (a great web site for data resources and links)
Rating: +43
It seems goverment´s trolls are extremely at work here by cheap comments to discredit someone who dared to question the goverment about their covered immense crime against humanity and the earth. Do yourself and your children a favor and research the "Stratospheric Aerosol Spraying", "Geoengineering" and "Solar radiation Management" (all patented by goverment´s scientists and military), and find out why you´re getting sicker and why the rates for Alzheimer, cancer, respiratory diseases etc are rising on alarming rates. (Here the list of patents:
Rating: +19
Greg Spencer
I can't believe that any sane person that looks up at the sky can't see what's going on. It seems when someone stands up to it, there are people who work on discrediting the person so as to lead the masses into believing nothing is going on. Well remember this, it's your children and families being poisoned also. By your comments we see what side of the fence you stand on. When the truth comes out, you will be begging for people to help you and your families. If for a minute you think the people doing this care about your families and you get a special spot in a shelter when the crap hits the fan, you are dead wrong. So go ahead and keep denying it. Let me know how it feels to be on the receiving end on the stick and you approach the shelters built for the super rich to survive a collapse of the worlds ecosystems.
Rating: +20
It's always the same. Someone speaks out about their fear that the trails they see in the air COULD be chemtrails and then trolls dive upon it. I've read enough to see patterns in what these people say. First they usually attack the person, as if having an opinion is a immoral. Second, it's the same phrases used over and over. Sometimes verbatim. That's more alarming than anything else I see in the sky.

What happened to freedom of speech? Are people being paid to copy-paste this junk on anything that questions chemtrails?

With certainty, I can say that I don't know what is going on. My gut instinct says that something fishy about an entire blue sky being overcast by these 'trails,' usually sprayed in the future path of the sun. But, how are these people so certain that nothing is happening? That's what makes me very suspicious.
Rating: +27
Pat Crowe
Perhaps Bill can provide the general public with a solution to this unfolding assault on the human race by the government.
Maybe some sort of tin foil apparatus could be invented?
Rating: -16
skip to 7 minutes into the video to see an interview he does with a conspiracy vlogger in which he says he suspects NATO jets of creating chemtrails
Rating: +5
I can't believe that anyone with a brain and eyes can't see what is going on the skies ! I first noticed them about four years ago while hand painting my red brick columns on our home. I saw one and I thought that it looked odd. I continued watching and I saw one actually stop spraying then it started again , I had the common sense to know this was not normal. My sons both in their twenties knew the answer when I asked them what the white lines were in the sky. If you don't question what you see of course you'll deny it, because it IS CRAZY !!!! For you deniers , you can watch them as they spread out into a thin milky layer and the x's are used to create multiple layers !!!!! I feel such disgust when I'm laying in the pool floating and they appear above my head. How can you not see the lines while you are driving in your car ????? Wake up , your air is being poisoned !!!!!
Rating: +23
Idiots & their conspiracies
Love the conspiracy freaks warning those who mock their claptrap will agree with them or understand their mania and/or paranoia. I have yet to meet a chemtrail mythologist who's degree is in science & from a reputable institution: most of them have arts degrees and couldn't pass grade 12 chem, physics, biology or math. Instead they can read and they are gullible, thanks to their quality public school education that prepared them to trumpet whatever their "teachers" poured into their vacant skulls. How about the geniuses who proclaim the missing Malaysian airliner went to Diego Garcia? Right up there with the chemtrail nuts.
Rating: -36


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