Vancouver councillor Kerry Jang criticizes New Brunswick professor’s anti-Chinese screed

A University of New Brunswick professor’s anti-Chinese polemics that have invited white supremacist feedback are drawing a response from Vancouver.

Councillor Kerry Jang has written university president H.E.A. Campbell about blog posts and emails by social science professor Ricardo Duchesne.

“The nature of the blog postings and e-mails received are troublesome in that they go beyond fair comment and abuse the privilege of academic freedom by their pejorative nature that is based on poor scholarship,” Jang wrote.

According to Jang, a second-term councillor whose family came from China during the late 1890s, Duchesne’s online articles and e-mails promoting them are attracting some unwelcome reactions.

“These postings have prompted ‘white suprem[ac]ist’ e-mails in support of his postings,” the UBC psychiatry professor also wrote to Campbell. “Dr. Duchesne sends the links to his blog postings using his university affiliation and I felt it important to bring them to you[r] attention.”

Duchesne writes on the online site of the Council of European Canadians. The council describes itself as a “group of public-minded individuals who believe the European heritage and character of Canada should be maintained and enhanced”.

“We are against an establishment that is determined to destroy European Canada through fanatical immigration, race-mixing campaigns, imposition of a diversity curriculum, affirmative action in favor of non-Europeans, and promotion of white guilt,” the council states on its site’s homepage.

‘White guilt’ is among phrases used by Duchesne in a May 26 post titled “Chinese Head Tax, White Apologies, and ‘Inclusive Redress’”.

The piece was in reaction to a motion filed by Vancouver councillor Raymond Louie that called for research into city laws, regulations, and policies that discriminated against the Chinese between 1886 and 1947. The measure passed unanimously the next day.

“The Chinese understand ‘white guilt’,” Duchesne wrote.

The University of New Brunswick professor also stated that Chinese are “not always straightforward” in their goals on securing apology and redress for historical discriminatory measures such as the head tax.

“The insanity of all this apologizing and redressing is that no one has cared to conduct a proper historical study of the events leading to the implementation of the head tax,” Duchesne wrote.

For that, the social science professor relies on Dan Murray of the anti-immigration group Immigration Watch Canada. Last April, Murray’s group circulated flyers denouncing South Asian immigration in Brampton, Ontario.

Duchesne quoted Murray’s argument that the “conventional wisdom that the Chinese were victims of persecution by the B.C. government or Canada’s federal government is incorrect”.

According to Duchesne, the concept of inclusive redress is nothing more than a “White-created cultural Marxist term employed by Chinese cultural nationalists to promote their ethnic interests in Canada”.

For Duchesne, redress is aimed at the “goal of taking Canada away from the Europeans and transforming the nation into a multicultural and multiracial society”.

In an email dated May 30, Duchesne promoted his articles as works “challenging Chinese efforts to exploit and profit from White Guilt”.

In another email on June 2, he stated that most of the articles on the Council of European Canadian site are about “efforts of Chinese migrants to profit from White guilt and extract apologies from emasculated White males”.

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Truth Serum

This article lists several key points from the Council Of European Canadians article that professor Ricardo Duchesne made in his well articulated and written piece.

It seems as if councilor Kerry Jang can only fall back on the usual “White supremacist” accusations as he can’t seem to form a reply of his own. Why exactly are they “troublesome” to you, Kerry? Hurt your feelings? A little too truthful perhaps?

Rating: +37
Xander Davis
So it is election year, and Dr. Jang pretends to be Asian at the moment.

He has ignored so many such notices before now, as detailed in the Chinese press.

And see his Little Saigon district with so many empty stores.

Does the Straight read Chinese yet?

Rating: +23
Councillor Jang should focus more on garbage & sewers and quit hustling votes for the November election.
Rating: +49
Dr. Jang should recognize that Dr. Duchesne has a personal life outside of his academic profession, just as Dr. Jang has, and since the site claims no affiliation with the UNB, his letter to the president of UNB comes across as a strong-arm silencing tactic to suppress free speech.
Rating: +31
Memory Babe
Councillor Jang has, one observes, been rather more circumspect than the situation warrants. A more succinct response, perhaps in a personal telephone call to the professor - say, "Up your ass with Mobil Gas" - yes, something like that might have been more appropriate.
Rating: -28
@Xander Davis
I am pretty sure that the proper term is "Little Ho Chi Minh City"
Rating: -1
Being an academic himself, I wonder why Mr Jang doesn't first goes into details about Mr Duchesne supposed "poor scholarship" on the history of the Chinese immigrants in the Vancouver region. Because this issue, the issue of factual accuracy of Mr Duchesne's research, should be at the heart of the debate, isn't it?

Unfortunately, heavy-handed accusations about "white supremacy" make it appear as if Mr Jang is more interested at politically intimidating a dissenting voice than engaging in a discussion at eye level. Therefore, I find it difficult to believe that academic freedom is really close to his heart in this matter, rather their curtailing, I am afraid.
Rating: +32
Save Vancouver
"The piece was in reaction to a motion filed by Vancouver councillor Raymond Louie that called for research into city laws, regulations, and policies that discriminated against the Chinese between 1886 and 1947."

Seriously, what is the point of Louie's motion? What a waste of city resources. We all know there was discrimination. Why hasn't council been so quick to pass a motion to research the effect of Mainland Chinese money on Vancouver's housing affordability?
Rating: +40
Don't wanna rile up guys from New Brunswick...especially if they own guns, Kerry is right. But no question there was wild white supremacism running rampant back in the day right here in Canada, not only affecting Chinese, but also immigrants from India, Japan. Maybe Duschene is one of the few remnants of the era exposing himself by speaking. By the way, what's a doctor doing beside a boxing ring?
Rating: -44
How interesting that a politician would assume that writing a university president could stifle free speech. Is that the way things are done in China?
Rating: +29
Absolute B.S. I have NOTHING to apologize for!!
Rating: +11
@ Ryan

Who are you talking to actually? Quite lame attempt at smearing Mr Duchesne by making it appear you were him.
Rating: -17
J. Pierpont Smith
How charming that a marginal provincial lecturer has carved out a little niche for himself as the white man's champion. It's amazing he finds the time to give interviews about this "red menace" in between writing his own Wikipedia page and molding all of the future leaders filling the hallways of that academic powerhouse swamp in New Brunswick. BC's Asians predate most European immigrants to Ontario (before the Eastern Europeans, Italians, and Portugeuse) and maybe there's some value in acknowledging that blowing people up to build train tracks, mandating a head tax, or interning people in camps because of ethnicity is shameful. Stay in your shithole backwater Ricardo, and keep stroking it daydreaming that one day you'll be taken seriously as a scholar.
Rating: -46
Xai Kai
Ricardo, what don't you understand about racial prejudice in the European Canadian Society, being a social science professor. I do understand you are being threaten by the emerging demographic of Canada, and you probably desperately wishing this trend will be reverse from your feeble effort! and other like minded people. What don't you know about the injustice of the European colonial force that need to launch mass murdering campaigns to indigenous population to reach their objectives in dominating its territories. Please response to me if you have a reason to base your ideology as just and good other than continual to maintain in privileges.
Rating: -52
David, yes the Dr has a personal life outside the university, but he should not use the university's letter head or email system to do his personal business.
Rating: -20
Larry Sharp
Multiculturalists view the world exclusively through a racial lens, thus ignoring the complexity of race relations in Canada. In doing so they blithely disregard a plain, simple unvarnished truth: white labour cannot possible compete with low-wage Asian labour; this was true in the past, and it remains true today. It was fear of displacement from the labour market that drove the white community to demand the exclusion of Chinese labour. Note that the Exclusion laws did not apply to Chinese merchants, students or scholars. But for these laws it is doubtful that the white worker would have had a future in BC. Ricardo is right: we have nothing to apologize for.
Rating: +22
In response to Xai Kai,
Discrimination was normal back in the day, everyone did it. Chinese have a long history of discriminatory trading outside China, as one of the world's best known ethnic middleman minorities. Should the Chinese communities of South East Asia apologize for centuries of economic racism?

Janet Landa is a Chinese-Malay who describes how Chinese traders exclude non-Chinese from favorable terms of trade. The result is to increase their market dominance.

Rating: +23
Mr. Pierpont Smith,
I am surprised that the people who review and post comments allowed yours through "academic powerhouse swamp" "stay in your shithole backwater Ricardo"? Don't you have anything intelligent to contribute?
Rating: 0
Every single ethnic community on this planet, if we dug into each of their histories, would be endlessly apologizing for some wrongdoing in the past according to the 'guilt' rhetoric employed by today's standards of morality. We are living in a new world with new ways and new morals so why apologize for the old world and the old ways. Even still, many non-western countries and non-western peoples continue to practice the old ways of doing things, including in the new world, but are not apologizing to anybody for doing so. Why is it only the white western countries and people that continuously try to 'fix' historical grievances from ethnic immigrant communities with apologies and money, which will never be considered enough. Give an inch, take a mile.
Rating: +25
Perhaps Jang is uncomfortable with the Western notion of free speech and would find the People's Republic of China more to his liking.
Rating: +23


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