Yaletown shooting victim Paul Dragan earns praise for helping cycling community

The president of the B.C. Cycling Coalition, Richard Campbell, has said that the man shot in Yaletown yesterday, Paul Dragan, has "made a tremendous contribution to cycling".

Dragan founded and remains the major shareholder in Reckless Bike Shops, which has stores in Yaletown and at the corner of Fir Street and West 2nd Avenue in Vancouver.

"He’s a really, really inspiring hard-working guy," Campbell said.

He noted that Dragan supported the Velo-city Global 2012 Conference in Vancouver and has done other things to promote cycling and cycling groups.

"My heart goes out to Paul and his family and I sure hope he pulls through and makes a complete recovery," Campbell said. "Certainly, he’s done a lot of great work. I’m sure if he pulls through, he’ll be doing great work in the future.”

Dragan, 52, was reportedly shot by a former disgruntled employee at the corner of Davie and Marinaside Crescent. The suspect escaped on a bike to the area outside Telus Science World, where he was involved in a shootout with police.

The shooter and Dragan are both in hospital.

Dragan, a former professional bike racer, has been on the board of Retail B.C., the Downtown Vancouver Association, the City of Vancouver bicycle advisory committee, and the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada.

He's also been active in construction, bicycle manufacturing, and a mountain-bike park.

At his Vancouver stores—the first was near Granville Island—Dragan is known for his friendly and intelligent conversations with customers.

"He’s always talking about how people drop in there, get a bike, and start riding," Campbell said.

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Greg Robinson
As a cyclist and someone involved in putting together various cycling events, I had occasion to drop in on Paul and ask for donations and support for this and that, and he never once turned me down. A relationship that began in 2000 when I bought my first bike as a Vancouverite at Reckless on Fir has carried on over the years, and Paul always had an enthusiastic and cheerful greeting for me whenever we saw one another.

I send my best to him and his family, as well as all the folks at Reckless who are dealing with the aftermath of this senseless act.

Rating: +22
Azzah Ahmad
I bought my very first bike from Paul at Reckless Bikes and ever since then have dropped into Reckless Bikes frequently. Paul is always there and he offers so much support to keep on biking. Such a caring and friendly man. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
Rating: +16
Ben Sili
The shooter escaped on a bike... O irony.
Rating: -17
Ken Ohrn
This is an awful thing to have happened. Like so many others, I wish Mr. Dragan all the best and a full recovery.

My appreciation also goes out to the VPD, who took down a dangerous person in a very dangerous situation. Their quick and effective response is much appreciated.
Rating: +17
This is insane - I bought my bike from Paul and would often pop in for supplies and repairs - one of the most friendly and helpful guys I know. i just feel horrible. Praying for him and his family.
Rating: 0
Ron Carmicahael
I've known Paul Dragan since 1985 . This violent crime against an energetic nice person should send a message to every person in Vancouver. If it could happen to Paul it could happen to anyone. Wishing Paul a full recovery, our thoughts are with you mate.
Rating: +5
Frank Holatko
I was a member of Paul's triathlon team way back when he first opened his store. With his help I won the 35 y/0 age group Canadian triathlon championship. I'm just sick that this has happened and pray that he pulls through.
Rating: +8
kathy smithe
Senseless tragedy. Not just gansters getting gunned down. Best wishes to Paul in his recoveryathy
Rating: -1
I bought my first bike from Paul and he and his employees were always accommodating and informative. I can't count how many handle bar configurations we went through so that I could keep riding with carpal tunnel pain! I'm so sorry this happened Paul, get better quickly.
Rating: +2
Only in Vancouver would a gunman flee on a bike along a cycling route. At least he was sustainable?!?!?
Rating: -15
Jeff Pierce
Very sorry to here this news. Hope for a full and speedy recovery. All the best to his family at this time. I have known Paul since child hood, be strong, press on.
Rating: +4
I used to work with the shooter! Can't believe he would do such a thing! Crazy world
Rating: -3
Ed Des Roches
Paul, you have to get well man. Having just spoken to you a couple of weeks ago at a retail event I remember your positive attitude and enthusiasm being an inspiration. Get well and get back to the shop.
Ed at Plum
Rating: -3
Boris Biker
With so few bike lanes in the city cops had an easy time tracking the shooters escape route.
Rating: -18
Sad that no one realizes these string of shootings in USA and now Canada has something to do with our civil liberties being taken away from us. They want to take away guns from the people. See nodisinfo and other websites to understand.
Rating: -31
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