Kirk LaPointe wins endorsement from one of the NPA's gang of three


Tech entrepreneur Leonard Brody no longer wants to become mayor of Vancouver.

In a statement today (June 12), Brody announced that he is bowing out of the mayoral-candidate contest of the Non-Partisan Association.

Brody has endorsed former Vancouver Sun managing editor Kirk LaPointe for the position.

“I have known Kirk LaPointe for a long time and believe whole heartedly he would make an excellent mayor for this great city,” Brody said in his statement.  “I give him my full support and I look forward to working with him in any way that I can if he is chosen as the eventual candidate.”

He also gave some indication when the NPA is taking further steps in naming its mayoral candidate in the fall election.

“I wanted to come to my own conclusion before the board meets next week,” Brody said. “Primarily, my decision was based on the fact that my business obligations prevent me from giving the job the time and care it deserves.”

Former park commissioner Ian Robertson is the third NPA mayoral hopeful.

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Race Watcher
Isn't this headline misleading, like so many others.

Shouldn't it read: "Gang Of Three Now a Gang Of Two".
Rating: -1
Politiq Critiq
Meh, who cares - NPA still have a better chance then COPE or Greens this election
Rating: -2
Dr. Jack
What a great choice!!

Kirk La Pointe for Mayor.

University Professor, former CBC Ombudsman, great journalist, editor and publisher!!

Not affiliated with any party!!

Compare with the resume of the present mayor.

And NOT a professional politician!!

Would Vancouver be so lucky!!
Rating: +6
Kirk LaPointe is not a university professor. He is an adjunct - a largely honorific title - in the Journalism Program at UBC. His wife is Associate Professor and former Director of the Journalism Program at UBC.
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