Vince Ready declines request to mediate B.C. teachers dispute

According to several media reports, veteran labour mediator Vince Ready will not step into the negotiations between the B.C. Teachers' Federation and the B.C. Public School Employers' Association.

This likely means teachers will be off the job on Monday (June 23) to start the second week of their full-scale strike.

The B.C. government and the teachers' union both asked him if he would be willing to serve as a mediator in the dispute.

Ready is reportedly too busy to do that right now.

Both sides are still quite far apart in their negotiations.

The union is seeking an eight percent raise and a signing bonus and a five-year contract.

In addition, the BCTF wants a $225-million annual workload fund to address staffing ratios, class composition, and class size pending the outcome of the B.C. government's appeal of a B.C. Supreme Court ruling in the teachers' favour.

The union has also asked for a $225-million "retroactive grievances fund", which is in response to Justice Susan Griffin's court decision that found the B.C. government had violated teachers' constitutional rights by shredding a contract in 2002.

The employer has offered a $1,200 signing bonus if a deal is reached by June 30, as well as a seven percent hike over six years. 

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peter G
Vince Ready is a very smart man!!....until the demands of the BCTF become somewhat resonable there is nothing to mediate!
Rating: -24
No peter G, Vince Ready is currently occupied. Sheesh, trolls.
Rating: +6
BCTF has dug themselves into a very deep hole and Ready did not want to get near them. Moreover, what fool (ie BCTF leaders) would make such a spectacle of getting Ready involved knowing full well that he was booked solidly pretty through to the end of the year. Grossly incompetent union leadership.
Rating: -9
Alan Layton
Xtina - according to Global TV's Legislative correspondent Keith Baldrey, Ready would most likely not want to get involved until the two sides are much closer in demands, since success would be unlikely. He called it a few days ago and said nobody was surprised, especially anyone who knows Ready (as he does). Baldrey has remained neutral throughout the negotiations so I have some confidence in his opinion, unlike the biased hackery that takes place in this rag.
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RU Kiddingme
The strike will continue until the teachers have lost so much that the strike-ending wage hike will actually be revenue-neutral. Then the respective negotiators can crow to their membership that they won.
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Several weeks ago I predicted, and I will repeat it. The parties are so far apart and so entrenched only time will force them together. I say the Prov. will risk the one-time-only political hit and leave the schools closed 'til late October then put their original offer on the table with a signing date of Nov. 1st. A lot of people, including many teachers, are fed up with the way the BCTF have handled things for almost 1/2 century. If you think people are upset because their children missed a month of school just wait 'til the monsoon season hits. You haven't seen an angry mob 'til you've seen upset Moms.
Rating: +8
Martin Dunphy
Alan Layton:

With respect, if you think Keith Baldrey is an unbiased observer of anything, you need to replace both your hearing aid and your glasses.
And if this site disappoints you so much, well... You know.
Rating: -3
Claudia Ferris
School's out for summer....
Wonder how many of our grades 10 - 12 students got I's they are now not going to be able to make up? Seems incredible to think the gov't is going to drag this strike on and lose all that revenue from summer school and international students.
Rating: -9
Mr Perfect
@ Claudia Ferris:

Nobody forced the teachers to go on strike. This is all on the BCTF.
Rating: -5
Ex-Haney guy
It's not the fucking money-yeah who wouldn't want a raise after 2012 or even 2002-but it's the classroom composition. Ask any one who worked the trades then decided to work with kids, you know, as a teacher-how fucking easy it is. Then add extra responsibilities and less authority, add inclusive class rooms and well, what an easy fucking job. Way overpaid; absolutly stupid-'cause they only listen to their union (sort of like the trades too-real "left-wingers"),and presto! Anyone could do this very unimportant job. Wimmpy guys looking after kids all day, eh; what a fucking gravy train. Yep-just attend to the Main-Stream Media; they'll tell ya. Yep.
Rating: -9
@ Mr. Perfect
Your comment makes no sense.
Rating: -8
Yeah, when will the poor realize that you should only have children if you can afford to send them to private school. In the BC Liberal utopia, there are no public schools. If you cannot afford to send your children to private school, they will be seized by the Government and put into foster care. I mean, really, should irresponsible people dependent on handouts like public education be breeding?
Rating: -3
Jean-Michel Oblette
In October the Supreme Court will examine the government's appeal. Of course they have no new evidence whatsoever to cover up their illegal stripping of the teachers' contact and bad faith at the bargaining table, so of course they will lose again. Only this time, they will have no other choice but to pay for their mistakes. No more running away from their responsibilities. And when the taxpayers see the huge court and legal fees for 12 years of legal battling, the fine the government will have to pay the BCTF, and the HUGE cost of reopening all these classes closed illegally since 2002, Mrs Clark will have some serious explaining to do.
Rating: -8
There are plenty of qualified people available. We can't allow the cost of education to be tacked onto the futures of the children and citizens are taxed to the limit already. If the BCTF doesn't want the jobs, hire workers who do.
Rating: +6
Hon Chow
Hire Leplacement workers
Rating: -4
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