There are only two real issues of concern arising from Mayor Gregor Robertson's marital split

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      Much has been written about Mayor Gregor Robertson's separation from his wife Amy.

      Tomorrow's Globe and Mail will carry another article, this one by columnist Gary Mason.

      To me, there are only two real issues of concern about this unfortunate news story.

      The first is the mayor's office would have sent an email from NPA vice president Rob Macdonald to city-hall reporter Jeff Lee.

      (I had earlier mistakenly written that Macdonald had sent it to Lee after hearing Lee discuss this on CBC Radio. In fact, Lee has since informed me that it was the mayor's office that sent it.)

      If the mayor's office sent the email to Lee, it raises questions about Vision's claim that the NPA was somehow involved in a smear campaign.

      The second issue is this supposed downtown condo where Robertson is hanging his hat these days.

      Given his strong support for various developers over the years, he owes it to the public to reveal who owns the building, whether he's renting, and if so, for how much per square foot.

      And if Robertson owns the condo that he's calling home, he should tell people how much he paid per square foot for it.

      Nobody in public office should be getting special deals, especially the mayor, even if it's as a result of a sad series of events in his home life.

      So come clean, Mayor Robertson.

      How much are you paying for this downtown condo?

      Given the level of suspicion about Vision Vancouver's ties to the development industry, this offers an ideal opportunity to reassure your progressive supporters that your new home didn't come at a deep discount from one of your party's benefactors.


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      Jul 9, 2014 at 3:54pm

      Why would you automatically assume Robertson got a "special deal" his condo?
      Quite the accusation.


      Jul 9, 2014 at 3:55pm

      While I would agree that all elected officials should be compelled to reveal any benefits - financial or otherwise - that they receive outside of their remuneration from the public, I am surprised that you think Mayor Robertson alone should be singled out. Why not all mayors, councilors, MPs and MLAs?

      Jeff Lee

      Jul 9, 2014 at 4:03pm

      Charlie, please get your facts straight.
      I never said Macdonald sent me the email. In fact, I think I actually said that it was Mike Magee, the mayor's chief of staff, who sent me the email as a courtesy because i happened to be named in it.
      The first time I spoke to Macdonald about his June 17 email was this past Monday, when I asked him why he'd said what he said about me, given that it was completely false. I never had, as Macdonald suggested, received a call from the mayor seeking "to supress the story" of some alleged infidelity. Nor would I ever hold a story back if an elected official called me hoping to kill it.
      It was in this conversation with Macdonald that he apologized to me for making this suggestion.
      Lastly, when I was contacted by the mayor's office a month ago to tell me that Robertson had split with his wife, I asked very carefully about the reasons for that breakdown. I was told there was no one else involved with either partner and that it did not involve any breach of the mayor's oath.
      I also asked about the mayor's new living conditions and was told that he was renting an apartment downtown. I was told he also had, out of an abundance of caution, hired a real estate or housing broker to find a suitable place for him in order to create an arms-length relationship with whomever owns that unit.
      I have no reason to believe that isn't the case, but then I haven't checked out that statement either. It would seem that some more concrete assurances may be in order.


      Jul 9, 2014 at 4:24pm

      "his infamous email"?


      Alan Layton

      Jul 9, 2014 at 4:36pm

      Yes, this is all very fascinating and important stuff, but what did you think about Jesse Johl and the Riley Park Hillcrest Community Center Board of Directors being turfed out in an Extraordinary General Meeting on June 26th? I don't remember seeing it reported in TGS, but thank god you jumped all over this nascent scandal.

      Imtiaz Popat

      Jul 10, 2014 at 10:47am

      All politicians have to make all financial disclosure. Given the Mayor's residence is new, the public has right to know who owns the building whether or not he is getting a deal. Specially right before an election. But he is smart he hasn't done anything that would himself into conflict. But the public has a right to know. The Mayor's credibility is really in question at this time.


      Jul 10, 2014 at 10:49am

      @Alan Layton

      Are you trying to change the subject? Hey, what if these are related. Yeah, it was Jesse Johl who broke up the marriage. Jesse and his thousands of supporters.

      Speaking of Jesse and his millions of supporters, I wonder how he managed not to fulfill the duties of Hillcrest such as filing reports? Out of the billions of people that support Jesse, surely there would be some that could help out. After all, Jesse is the leader of trillions.


      Jul 10, 2014 at 11:05am

      Gregor is no saint and should disclose any special deals/favors received from companies doing business in Vancouver. Arms length, ya right.


      Jul 10, 2014 at 12:45pm

      who cares where he hangs his hat, what he pays or does't pay. The B.C. M.L.A.S all receive a $12K a yr "housing allowance" with no receipts required.

      Is this so very different from back in the day when Art Phillips, then mayor was having an affair with Carole Taylor, before he married her? lets get with the agenda. you may not like this mayor, but who he is or isn't screwing around with, forget it Vancouver has much bigger problems. It isn't going to be an election issue, so who cares?

      Alan Layton

      Jul 10, 2014 at 12:54pm

      RUK - you my have a point there about Johl somehow being involved in the Robertson scandal and I'm sure TGS will be publishing a huge story on the Riley Park Hillcrest debacle because they are very keen on exposing corruption. I can't wait.