An open letter to Trish Kelly, former Vision Vancouver candidate

Yo Trish Kelly,

I’m really sad for you, Imma let you finish resigning, but you had one of the best videos that’s emerged during a municipal election cycle that I’ve ever seen.

Your monologue about masturbation (which was unceremoniously taken down not 10 minutes after I started writing this note of appreciation) was awesome.

Yes, that's right: me, a woman living Vancouver, both watches and appreciates pro-masturbation videos.

You know what else I do? I vote.

And with your resignation, Vision Vancouver has lost the only guaranteed vote I was going to cast for its slate this year, leaving me in the awkward position of having to pick between this guy and that guy, dusty old men who seem divided by not much more than a bike lane.

Let me say that it is refreshing to see a woman talk so openly and joyously about one of the greatest pleasures in the world: the physical act of self-love.

Trish, you had my vote, one hundred percent. You’re open, you’re honest, you’re funny, and you’re unafraid. Those are the sorts of qualities I look for in my civic election candidates. Fearlessness. The ability to laugh at oneself. And the willingness to talk about a woman’s body without a lick of shame.

Your resignation is a massive disappointment. I appreciate that you don’t want to make the entire campaign from here on in about your work as a sex-positive activist. But, why not? Why not talk about women’s sexuality and sexual health in addition to all that tired old blathering about view corridors and bike lanes?

If Vancouver is a truly progressive city, where’s the harm in being progressive about sex, too?

Here’s a word of wisdom to the brain trusts who are promoting stuffy older white dudes as candidates: you need women like Trish. You need women who are unafraid of knowing what they want and going after it. You need someone who won’t shy away from taboo topics and tackle difficult subjects.

Vision Vancouver lost a great candidate in Trish Kelly. Who am I supposed to vote for now?

Yours most sincerely,

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"Imma"? What the fuck does imma mean? Why is a white girl from Vancouver trying to sound like a black guy from Detroit?
Rating: -6
Ah, Trish kelly, We Hardly Knew Ye. Or, possibly we knew ye a little too well...

If she was 'unafraid' wouldn't she have stayed, fought the good political fight and and stood up for her post? What this really shows is a) she's just a toady to the will of the Vision machine and must adhere and/or b) not made of the stern stuff that one needs to be to inhabit the political arena these days.

Or, could it be, that, the nexus where a a really-not-that-funny-or-entertaining-sex- positive videos meets a political career just doesn't resonate with people who are checking out the candidate's abilities.

A video on the joys of masturbation may play well as performance art, but not so well as an intro to a person who says they are going to to a (forgve me) a serious-minded comepetent politician (a contradiction in terms?!). It's a little bit of cognitive dissonance that has been created between her private ramblings/fumblings and her public life.

Seriously, let's halk this one up to the nexus of youthful stupidity and the vagaries of the Internet age. If you can't stand up for it, please don't post it.
Rating: -26
I enjoy diddling myself as much as the next human but of all the ridiculous issues to toss a vote for this has to be the most ridiculous. Imagine if she had stayed onto be elected: you would be voting for another developer rubber stamp all because she did a good video on masturbation. The idiots who vote based on their predilection for bikes helped give us these minions for development, giving them another vote for a pro-masturbation candidate is absurd. Please don't vote if this is your typical thought process: where does she/he stand on masturbation? I support only pro-masturbation candidates.
Rating: -5
*cough* run for COPE *cough*
Rating: +13
Local Masturbator
Support COPE!
Rating: -6
Gee Miranda, may I speak about female candidates as "dusty old women"? May I also disparage candidates on their sexual orientation or race?

May I also assume that I should not vote for any simply because they are well,women? I mean how could they possibly be worthy of my vote?

You don't have to answer. I know fully well that to people like you, the only time a person may be openly sexist is when they speak about men. PATHETIC
Rating: -2
Nathan Crompton
Miranda Nelson sounds pretty cool
Rating: +7
Top vote getter at arranged Vision Nomination meeting gone? Amazing! Indicates how weak a selection process VV has!

Must be worrisome for Gregor?
Rating: +16

Also, Jack, it's an obvious Kanye West parordy. get with the times.
Rating: +8
Worth considering...
... that she and everyone knew that video was out there and would come out... so to bail so quickly really is pretty cowardly. All issues aside, someone who can so easily be swayed and manipulated by public opinion over something she knew and must've told everyone was "no big deal if it gets talked about" -- isn't really cut out for public office. You need 3-foot iron armour coated with teflon to survive the personal attacks. This was nothing, yet she bailed in less than 48 hours. Not even worth an asterisked foot-note in the history of civic politics of this city.
Rating: +2
Silly Season
Is this the VV candidate so keen to identify herself with minorities she called women a "visible minority?" She's probably a lovely person, but please, isn't it time to stop demonizing people with the rampant ageism,sexism, classism that VV seems to have embraced. As an open minded, middle aged white guy with diverse opinions and diverse family I'm really tired of the open season VV has declared on everyone like me. It's sad to see such tactics used by a politic party in Canada.
Rating: 0
" I appreciate that you don’t want to make the entire campaign from here on in about your work as a sex-positive activist. But, why not? "

Because it's not a parks board issue or even a municipal one. There are soap boxes for different things. Sex-positivism is not one of the parks board, unless you want the parks to be more "sex positive".

At least Trish understands how politics and activism works, unlike this writer.
Rating: +2
A very well-done blog/column that I enjoyed reading.

As to the choices available to you at the ballot box, I respectfully suggest:
Rating: -2
Considering the park board introduced trans-friendly washrooms, it seems like a sex-positive comissioner would make a lot of sense. We need politicians who have progressive thinking on those kinds of issues.
Rating: +16
Tara Sundberg
Sad to see her go.
For all you nay-sayers calling her cowardly, I'd like to see any of you do what she did: make the video, graciously bow out.
The internet and all it's brave loudmouths.
Oh and hey, all you people who actually DO vote: Please don't let the NPA divide the conscientious vote. We definitely do not want that misnomer of a civic party anywhere near shaping the future of our beautiful city, they are the original consorts of the mega developers (remember monster houses, yep it was the NPA who decreased easements and allowed for those), and the debt associated with the 2010 Olympics, yep, it was the NPA who inked all the contracts to create that debt.
whoever you support, one thing is for sure, abstaining from voting helps NO ONE.
Rating: -1
Barry William Teske
Dear Trish Kelly,

We do not know each other, and possibly we may never meet but...
I must and will say this:
You choose well Trish Kelly.
To your continued success, your self empowerment, the empowering of others and the forward momentum that is born of such.
You are a shining example of what politics and some of its leaders fail to understand...

"I have dedicated, and will continue to dedicate, much of my life to contributing to my community, to having difficult conversations, and to making myself vulnerable in order to make space for others.” - Trish Kelly
Rating: +3
"Considering the park board introduced trans-friendly washrooms, it seems like a sex-positive comissioner would make a lot of sense. We need politicians who have progressive thinking on those kinds of issues."

Yeah, gender != sex, you do know what sex positivism is, right?

But even if we ignore that, what sex / gender issues do you still see as unsolved in Vancouver's parks. Do tell.
Rating: -5
Love the bigoted double standard.
Rating: -5
John S
"Image is everything." McLuhan pointed this out decades ago. But what about policy? Should the debate instead be on the future of Vancouver parks and public spaces?

With all due respect, the current crop of 5 Vision Park Board Commissioners have voted as a block. It's almost irrelevant who represents Vision on Park Board if the decisions are made by the Vision executive. Commissioners should not vote like trained seals, whipped by the party's executive. Why would a new group of Vision candidates behave any differently, if elected?

It's time for a reality check.
Rating: +9
Jack, it's a white girl from Vancouver trying to sound like a black guy from Chicago. Not Detroit.

If you're going to criticize, get your facts straight. Jeez.
Rating: +1
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