B.C. premier Christy Clark inspires satirical board game

Two striking teachers create Christy’s World

If the B.C. teachers’ strike continues into September, a new board game could prove popular at picket lines around the province.


Two teachers, Jean-Michel Oblette and Loren Letourneau, have created Christy’s World, a satirical game that allows two to five people at a time to play as Premier Christy Clark.

Oblette, a French immersion teacher at Kerrisdale elementary school, told the Georgia Straight each player’s goal is to become the most unpopular leader while “wreaking as much havoc as you can”.

“We just wanted to poke fun at the whole situation with the way that we see that Christy Clark has been instrumental in attempting to shut down the whole public school system in B.C.,” Oblette said by phone from his Vancouver home. “And we’re trying to link that to her own personality and possibly some environmental issues.”

As of August 19, Oblette and Letourneau had raised $90—almost twice their modest $50 goal—on Kickstarter for distribution of the printable game. They’re looking at printing the game board on card stock, placing copies in coffee shops, and sending copies to MLAs and fellow teachers.

Christy’s World is played on a map of B.C.

According to Oblette, the first player to reach 15 “impopularity” points wins. There are three ways to obtain tokens as you travel around a map of B.C.: attending photo ops, privatizing industries and making oil and gas deals, and closing public schools.

Clark was unavailable for comment.

“Oh, I would hope that she’d be pretty pissed,” Oblette said with a chuckle. “I’ve thought about sending it to her.”

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James Blatchford
A cheap and theatrical gimmick...which, perfectly suits the protagonist.
Rating: -4
Jean-Michel Oblette
Thank you Stephen Hui for giving our game some exposure. With only 13 days to go before the hypothetical start of the new school year, frustrated teachers on the picket line and bored kids at home will surely appreciate having a fun, light-hearted game to play while Christy Clark hides her head deeper in the sand!
Rating: +16
A parent
Some people never leave highschool behind I guess. What a wonderful example to be setting for kids. Completely unprofessional.

A can't help but wonder what would happen to me if I decided the board of my company were greedy and decided to publicly mock them...something tells me I would need to find new employment quickly.
Rating: -44
Thomas Folkestone
I'm sure Premier Photo Op, oops, I mean "The Comeback Kid" (shudder) doesn't give a rat's ass. She's busy trying to please her million-dollar donors in Calgary. You know, the people she works for?
Rating: +28
Good one
This is super.
Rating: +20
Joseph Pulitzer
Between this story and Lesbian Comic Pwns Straight Male Heckler the Georgia Straight's crack team of journalists has been hitting them out of the park recently! Could a Pulitzer, or even a Nobel be in the offing?
Rating: -20
For the KIDS
I guess you have time to make these sort of games when you spend half the year on vacation and the other half striking.
Rating: -40
Neither a teacher, nor parent
This fantastic "keep your head down and your mouth shut" attitude is part of the reason we keep perpetuating this cycle of mismatched political representation. Not only is it necessary for public companies to be able to question their bosses motives it is requiired - because, um, government is, like, only responsible for teachers or whateverwhatever, right? In any case, perhaps a more nontraditional method of reaching the general public is better than being fined to sit on a picket line, collect melanmoma and hope someone will see the small sign you've made.
Rating: +23
Christy who?
Rating: +9
childish and totally unprofessional - are these teachers really to be trusted with educating our youth?? Scary.
Rating: -28
Pat Crowe
Creative and amusing.
Unlike the provincial govt.
Rating: +2
Ann-Marie Hunter
Those of you who are criticizing these teachers for making a game about Christy Clark, must really think that she is doing a great job! Nothing could be further from the truth - and why not try to laugh about the situation with the treatment she is doling out? No amount of other communication seems to be making any difference! At least these teachers have some creativity left in them - something that Christy Clark and Peter Fassbender seem hell bent on extinguishing! Sometimes 'you just gotta laugh or you'll cry!"
Rating: +2
Robert H
I guess this explains why I have not seen teachers on the side of the roads with their picket signs. Inside playing games. Pathetic.

Rating: -7
What a joke this game is! As a parent, I'd like to see more professionalism than mocking the situation. Grow up!!! How about trying to do something positive about the situation? In my community, I have not seen one teacher picketing during the summer.
Rating: -11
Dismayed Ken
Really? This is professionalism at it's finest. Please grow up teachers. Why would you think supporting this type of grade 5 mentality would give you any merit?? I don't really blame the game makers for their creativity but at a glance it looks childish in nature.
Rating: -2
Jean-Michel Oblette, designer of Christy's World
Dear Darryl
I just finished 4 summer courses at UBCand was in school full time throughout July. I am going back to my class with fresh ideas and more enthusiastic about my profession than ever. I attended 2 rallies in Vancouver, spoke to countless parents and hand-delivered a box of rotten apples to the BCPSEA office. Does that sound like enough to you?
You are reading this and commenting about the situation. We started a conversation.
And yes, hanging out with a bunch of 7 year olds does increase your interest in games and fun stuff. Can't fight for kids if you forget what it's like to be one.
Rating: +4
Young BC Teacher
Looking forward to playing this game with my friends! Love the creativity! Now how do we get it to be a MMO Board game?
Rating: +1
Jean-Michel Oblette, designer of Christy's World
Dear Young BC Teacher, we are working on an iPhone/iPad app for the game to be released in the coming month. You can find more info on our Kickstarter page.

Rating: -3
It seems like the only thing detractors can do on this (and every other) comments section on stories about this game is to take pot-shots at the creators ("immature", "childish","glad they're not teaching my kids",etc.). I don't think I've seen a single detractor with an informed or well-thought-out comment or opinion anywhere. Just simple, unsophisticated, unintelligent ad hominem attacks. And I wouldn't expect anything else given that their entire argument is devoid of context and seems to be purely ideological. The introduction of ad hominem attacks into a debate such as this is a gigantic, flashing neon sign that says "I have nothing else of substance to include in my argument." It's funny to watch so many people unknowingly demonstrating that they are, in fact, wrong in their position. They just don't realize that they are doing it.

This really is brilliantly creative. I commend the creators. Well done.
Rating: +2
According to the Standards for the Education, Competence and Professional Conduct of Educators in BC:
"Educators are role models who act ethically and honestly.
Educators act with integrity, maintaining the dignity and credibility of the profession. They understand that their individual conduct contributes to the perception of the profession as a whole. Educators are accountable for their conduct while on duty, as well as off duty, where that conduct has an effect on the education system."

How exactly does calling the elected premier "a clueless, tyrannical political wannabe without a conscience or a college degree who works tirelessly to become British Columbia's most grotesquely unpopular leader" work towards maintaining the dignity of the profession?

Also, you may wish to have a geography teacher assist in that little "map" of the province - it's not meant to be to scale, but it would be nice if it had some bearing on reality for the northern half of the province.
Rating: -7
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