Creekside Community Centre shut down as warming centre after hypodermic needle incident

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      The City of Vancouver is no longer welcoming homeless people to spend the night at Creekside Community Centre in the Olympic Village.

      According to a news release, the decision was made late Monday (January 9) afternoon "due to a number of operational challenges".

      "Yesterday there was an incident involving a parent with young child and a hypodermic needle," the news release states. "This is still being investigated, and staff will present a complete report to our executive as soon as possible."

      Park board general manager Malcolm Bromley has spoken to the father of the child, who was unharmed.

      The centre had been open 24 hours a day for three weeks during the recent cold snap. 

      In its place, Carnegie Community Centre at the corner of Main and East Hastings street has been opened as a warming centre.

      The West End and Britannia community centres are also remaning open overnight to accommodate homeless people seeking to escape the cold weather.

      "Staff are reviewing our safety protocols in our facilities and will be ensuring there are safe needle disposal containers in all washrooms,:" the news release says. "We will also be improving our transition procedures at community centres acting as warming centres to ensure occupants depart early to give staff time to prepare the centres for public programming."