1.9 million email addresses and 1,700 names and phone numbers stolen after Bell database hacked

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      Canada's largest telecommunications company says an "anonymous hacker" is behind a data breach that has seen 1.9 customer email addresses and 1,700 names and telephone numbers stolen from the company's database.

      Bell apologized to its customers today in a statement, while assuring them that no financial, password, or other sensitive personal information was accessed.

      The company said the incident is "not connected" to the recent global WannaCry malware attacks, which affected an estimated 200,000 computers in over 150 countries last week.

      The company also stated that they are contacting those who are affected by the breach personally.

      Bell hasn't said how the breach occurred or how the data was accessed, but they are working with the RCMP to investigate the incident.

      CBC has reported that it appears some of the data has been posted online, and that someone alleging to be behind the breach wrote in an online post that they planned to release more personal information if Bell refused to cooperate with them. 

      While Bell has said only email addresses, names, and phone numbers were accessed, the files posted by the alleged attacker include information such as locations, job titles, and other important information for about 150 Bell employees and contractors. None of this information has been confirmed or denied by Bell.