B.C. Hydro gets one more year to install smart meters

B.C. Hydro isn't going to make its December 31 deadline for installing 1.87 million of the  controversial smart meters.

So, the B.C. Liberal government has granted the public utility an extension under the Clean Energy Act—until December 31, 2013.

According to a news release from the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas, B.C. Hydro has installed 1.73 million of the digital meters, or 93 percent, across the province.

"Shortages in qualified labour, equipment and specialized meters, plus customer concerns, prevented BC Hydro from fully installing all smart meters in 2012," the release, issued today (December 27), states.

"The additional time will enable BC Hydro to complete the work and address as many customer concerns as possible before finalizing smart meter installations."

Critics of the program have raised health, privacy, rights, and cost concerns about smart meters. B.C. Hydro is spending $930 million on the roll-out.

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They installed mine long ago, but just noticed that they only started using the power consumption data sometime in the last month(at least for me). Its cool how I can now see hourly usage and tie it to particular events like running the clothes dryer, oven, etc. Also makes it easier to see how much my power usage is tied to outside temp.
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Pat Crowe
The argument was made in the beginning that these things would shut down the theft of electricity. However that would only be the case if the meters were installed on the Hydro poles in front of the homes on the street and not where the original meters were on the homes and shops. Well?! Guess what? Everyone can still boost electricity. They lied.
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Don't unerstand why hey are going ahead with this when Ont. says it was the worst thing ever done in that province when it comes to hydro and in countries over seas they'rwe removing them and going back to the old meters. There is a lot of things more important that we need in this province than smart meters.
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Ali Said
Migzy, so you needed BC Hydro billion dollar investment to realize that turning the light on when reading a book in the evening uses power?
The only good news is that the cover is plastic not glass and plastic can melt easily...
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Michele Baillie
Particularly concerning here is the use of "smart meters" at all; there is extensive evidence that the use of these meters is inimical to people's health.

When you consider the tremendous numbers of these meters being used and their microwave transmissions; you get a lethal electromagnetic field which we are forced to exist in. Start monitoring for health related problems that will be caused by this.
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Critics of the program have raised health, privacy, rights, and cost concerns about smart meters. B.C. Hydro is spending $930 million on the roll-out.
$930 million? Hay we could build a another bridge that works and pay for it up front so no tolls. Just a thought.
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smart meters not so smart for BC
Smart meters work well for nuclear, coal and gas sources of electrical energy. The only need for these meters in BC was the North American Energy Treaty which is intended to provide "energy security" for Mexico, US and Canada. By energy security they mean a "free" trade deal for exporting and importing electrical energy from one another.

The daily wheelin and dealin of electricity used to be a benefit for BC ratepayers, however since the signing of excessive deals with private power producers in BC those benefits no longer keep our rates down but feed the pockets of these private interests.
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If I had 930 million dollars on the premise of an energy conservation program I would do something that would have a guaranteed result. The simple and practical solutions like converting 400 watt sodium and halide street lights to 50 watt LED systems.
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Lee L.
You said:

Its cool how I can now see hourly usage and tie it to particular events like running the clothes dryer, oven, etc.

Yea, it's cool how HYDRO can now see hourly ( or second by second, if it it chooses) useage and tie it to particular events like running the clothes dryer, oven, etc.

Now why would Hydro want to do that?


Consider your loss of privacy. That isn't so cool.

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Lee L.

You are assuming that all HYDRO can see from your meter is power useage. In fact, it is possible to measure whether you are running lights, stoves, or motors in your house and charge differently for that.

Commericially, Hydro already does that by charging extra if your facility's 'Power Factor' violates limits.

Don't be fooled. There is but one reason for so called 'Smart Meters' and that is to charge more for time of day and power quality. What other investment in BC do you know, that is expected to pay back a BILLION dollars in cost yet save you money?

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It is funny how people worry about the health problems associated with these meters when the same is supposedly true about cell phones, vehicle emissions, etc. but yet people still drive cars and talk on their cell phones. How will a 1-5 second signal emitted once or twice per day from these meters be any worse for you than the constant bombardment of 'microwaves, cell phone signals, wireless modem, internet signals' etc. that you are walking through every single second of your day? People are ridiculous, and we call ourselves an educated society bah....why not start worrying about important things. Like how we are the number one country in this world for most things to do with water consumption, garbage per household, not recycling, greenhouse gas emission, pretty much anything that is bad for us, we are tops on the list as a country for doing these.

I think it is about time people are held accountable for their blatant missuse of energy and resources. If you are a power hog, then you should be charged an arm and a leg for it. If your consumption shows you try to conserve or work around the high demand times, then you should be rewarded for it. We are considered an educated society but yet we act like a bunch of kindergarten kids with no regard for anything but ourselves and who will be the king of the hill!!!! I think these meters are great, they work amazing for people who are actually concerned with their environment and lives in general.
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BC Hydro Remove all so called smart (actually stupid) meters from each house of this province!!! WHY? because it dangerous to human/animals health. Do not lie to the public, that they are safe, they are 60-160 times more powerful than cellphones. They are active 24/7
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Now, if the Smart Meter was capable of buying back energy to feed the grid, a whole new movement would be started. Self-generated electricity on our homes with incentives to get us off of the grid.
Also, where is the capability to monitor these Smart Meters without going wireless?
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The BioInitiative Report update is live and can be read at www.bioinitiative.org. It is vital that this important work be read and circulated widely to doctors, politicians, the media, etc. The initial BioInitiative Report has been attacked by the industry as not being balanced. It never was intended to be balanced. The intent was to refute the mantra of agencies like Health Canada and people like Dr. Perry Kendall who keep saying that "there is no evidence of harm." It was written by scientists who have done studies that proved there was harm. This update includes new studies, even stronger evidence that allowing the proliferation of wireless devices is like playing with fire -- and we must do all we can to protect the next generation which is being exposed from the time of conception. The 29 world-renowned researchers who have contributed to this update are recommending stricter guidelines and the use of the precautionary principle BASED ON SCIENCE
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Debbie W
We still have our analogue meter, something I protect due to health concerns. My only experience since family and friends have had the meters installed are within 2 weeks of installation one friend had an emergency pacemaker installed, a horse having one in her stall had to be put down, still can't figure why she declined in the months following and another with cancer. All could be said to be coincidence but I will protect or go without.
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Rick K
Boy do you people need to do more homework. The cost of BC Hydro's smart meter program is 3 billion dollars, not the 960 million they told you. Smart meters, communication radios and links and a new computer. How come BC Hydro can turn off your power if you do not pay your bill, but they can not turn off that cheap plastic smart meter when it overheat and burns down your home? Ford tried to blame the drivers of Pintos, the fires were cause by their bad driving. Now BC Hydro is blaming their customers for the meter fires. NEXT POINT Smart meters can not detect electrical bypasses. Guess how grow ops steal power? Bypasses. Guess who fired all the meter readers? BC Hydro Guess who could find all the bypasses? Meter readers. Now our fireman are at a greater risk because the grow will expand and grow. We paid $3 billion dollars to waste more power. NEXT, the list of how smart meters can kill people is too great to list here. I will give you one small for one of the ways to die. Pacemakers. NEXT, if you purchase a new vehicle, the dealership will give you a written guarantee dealing with the safety of your new car. Did anyone receive a written guarantee from BC Hydro that their health, safety and privacy will never be compromised? Do you really think BC Hydro lawyers are that stupid?
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I still don t understand why a corperation ,business, B.C . Hydro is trying to get its cusomers to use LESS of its product,that doesnt make more money for them ?? How can we afford 3 million for new "cash registers" smeters,when the rest of the store is getting old and worn out,re more power outages
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Why is B.C. hydro telling us to use less of their power ?? thats not business sense?? Why are we getting new "cash registers
" when the store is old and worn out ? this money,3 mil, should have been spent on infastucture!!!
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People are held accountable for energy misuse. They pay for the energy they use. Electricity is our least air polluting form of energy. It was created to be used, WASN'T IT? The cost of new meters, the wasted energies and impact to the environment by their very unnecessary creation is a total hypocrisy. Make work project? Maybe. As for the monies spent to do this my household and every other household in the province could have had free energy for a few years instead of new meters of questionable concerns. I pay my bill, now you want to tax when in my day I might require power. You want to come into my psyche and control when I use it, through penalties at certain times of day. Give me a wind generator for my money and I'll add to the grid at peak times. Perhaps we should just drop a few solar panels on every ones roof to replenish the over taxed system. So we can export it to the US and in turn they will default on paying for it. Which has already happened if I can believe the media I watch. For MK who thinks people's heath concerns are funny. First you seem to have enough health concerns of your own not to include your name. Should we just add anything of concern to our list of toxins without debate? Shouldn't there be a real purpose if we might be subjecting our selves to health risks. I think you probably get your paycheck from meter installations. Burned houses, possibilities of energy endangerment and the removal of these meters in other countries, which I have not yet researched, is worth looking at. Personally I'm getting a little tired of other people telling me how I should live in my house. How much water I use, really? More falls on my roof than I could ever use. I'd like to see my dollars go to research to make my home self supporting in every way. Then I'd be able to get MK's nose out of my business.
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