Christy Clark’s MLA office targeted by anti-pipeline protest


Around 200 protesters descended on Premier Christy Clark’s constituency office in Vancouver as part of a provincewide action against oil pipelines today (October 24).

Dressed in colourful costumes and waving placards, the demonstrators marched through the streets of Clark’s Vancouver-Point Grey riding, escorted by police on motorcycles.

The protesters then rallied outside the locked front door of Clark’s office on West 4th Avenue where they chanted, played music, and listened to speakers.

“We are here to say to our elected representatives that it is time to represent the majority of British Columbians who are saying ‘no’ to these pipelines and ‘yes’ to a government that represents us,” environmental activist Tzeporah Berman told the crowd.

“No amount of money will make these risky and dangerous pipelines OK. No amount of money will make the risk of oil spills and oil leaks on our beautiful coast OK,” Berman said.

Similar demonstrations were to take place today at noon outside more than 60 MLA offices across B.C.

The protests come after thousands of people gathered outside the legislature in Victoria on October 22 to oppose pipelines and oil tankers.

Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline is the focus of criticism from environmental groups, First Nations, and other British Columbians who are worried about the risk of a spill.

The planned pipeline, which is being assessed by a federal review panel, would link northern Alberta to the B.C. coast at Kitimat, where tankers would ship the oil overseas.

Clark, who did not appear at today’s rally, has outlined five conditions that must be met before the B.C. government will consider supporting the Northern Gateway project.

Key conditions relate to oil-spill response measures and ensuring B.C. receives a fair share of the economic benefits from the project.

Quinn Runkle, a University of B.C. student and protest organizer, said Clark’s position on the Northern Gateway project is not good enough.

“No matter what conditions are put in place a tar sands pipeline will jeopardize our future and will lock us into an economy that is predicated on environmental harm and fuelling climate change,” Runkle told the rally outside the premier’s office.

Speaking on CKNW’s Bill Good Show yesterday, Clark reaffirmed her position on the Northern Gateway project.

“We have five basic conditions that must be met before we will consider the pipeline to go ahead in British Columbia,” Clark said.

“Even if they come up with a fantastic money deal for British Columbia, if they haven’t met the conditions on the environment, the project will not go ahead.”

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Denise Nyce
It is my belief that we are all at a crossroads. With Baby Boomers aging in vast numbers, and the younger genres quickly becoming the Majority vote, we are all beginning to see complacency dissipating. Our Fathers and Grandfathers entered into an age of OIL and nonrenewable energy that had one purpose, which was to feed the mouths of the rich and greedy and create a world of pollution, extinction, poverty and gluttony. The time is coming near when we will have tipped the scales of balance so far that our Mother Earth will not be able to recover. Oceans will die, our deep groundwater will be putrefied, our forests will be barren windy fields void of life.... Now is the change. It is time to take the necessary steps with urgency and create the changes to improve our world and return her to her original beauty and balance. Renewable resources.... Wind, waves, Sunshine; This is the future, the possibilities are endless when we stop thinking OIL. Ultimately I speak for a vast majority of youth, we will not be bought... there is no price anyone could name that would convince me that the BC pipeline development risks are worth taking. Not one drop of oil will be spilled. I'm not going to give up, not going to roll over, not going to shut this out with Media distractions... Its time for BIG changes, Christy Clark.... Time to stop thinking about the quick buck and start thinking about renewable energy. Take our Vote to Ottawa, No Pipeline, Period.
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Pat Johnstone
Wait, people went to look for Premier McSparkles at her Constituency Office?
She wasn't to be found around those parts while running for the seat, why would she be slumming around those parts now?
Rating: +3
Save Vancouver
Ever wonder how able bodied adults are able to find time for a protest in the middle of a work day?
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Martin Dunphy
No, I am impressed. And humbled, at times.
Rating: +2
Your Name
Some of us scheduled our lunch times to be at our elected MLAs offices. That, and not everyone has a 9-5 job!
Rating: +3
the less for more party
Voters have had to live through the new era of Liberals selling out to corporate whims. Why would the Liberals give hefty tax breaks to big corporations? There is no benefit for the up to their necks in debt tax payer who are now picking up the corporate slack.
And what an earth quake would do to a pipeline I shudder to think much less a big wave up along the Coast Line is a hard sell for a pipeline that is a for sure. Energy prices are climbing and there is the BC carbon tax as Liberals and Cons push for an Asian sell out. I imagine what government is planning on doing is pushing it, like it or not, all the while tax payers are picking up the propaganda machines hefty advertising bills. Call me a dreamer, but perhaps a big wave will come along and sweep the Legislature clean and it would be like starting a new day. Not like you will find anyone in the house.
Rating: +5
Chris A
Let's just put that pipeline where it belongs...straight up Christy Clark's...oh no I better not, it's too tempting...oh well, folks you know what I mean....she'll need a soft cushion to sit on for a while.
Rating: -6
ALex H
Well I am glad we kicked the premier out of our riding and voted for change and equality in point grey by electing David Eby to the area
Rating: -2
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