Constance Barnes takes over as chair of Vancouver park board


The Vancouver park board has a new chair.

Vision Vancouver's Constance Barnes was elected to the post at the first meeting of the park board's 2011-2014 term on Monday night (December 5).

The previous chair, fellow two-term Vision commissioner Aaron Jasper, was elected as vice chair.

“We look forward to working together as a team with Mayor and Council, School Trustees and other community partners to get results for Vancouver,” Barnes said in a statement.

Barnes, whose day-job is sales and marketing manager at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, topped the park-board polls in the November 19 civic election, with 63,951 votes.

The other members of the park board are Sarah Blyth (Vision), John Coupar (NPA), Melissa De Genova (NPA), Trevor Loke (Vision), and Niki Sharma (Vision).

According to the park-board website, the chair earns a yearly stipend of $10,000, while the other board members receive $8,000.

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Community Observer
Well, this proves that the Peter Principle is still alive and well in Vancouver. Most unproductive member of the last Board and usually did not have aclue what the job is ment to be.
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one of the nicest people i have ever met ...
Rating: +4
Taxpayers R Us
What was Blyth's position again?

All I remember is her screaming poverty regarding taxpayer-funded meals, while her resume showed her as a chairperson of all sorts of institutions..
Rating: +2
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