Consult Chinese residents before slamming MLA Mable Elmore


Gabby Kalaw claimed that many ethnic groups, including the Chinese in Vancouver-Kensington, feel left out by MLA Mable Elmore [“ Filipino heritage at the polls”, October 25–November 1]. Kalaw didn’t provide any evidence in the article to support his allegation, and I doubt if he is able to do so.

From working with Elmore in her community office—first as a practicum student and then as a volunteer—I have confidence to say she is a warm-hearted elected official who cares about everyone in her constituency. When I was learning casework there, she told me that each individual who approached her for help was equally important. She even let me shadow her interviews with them to show me how to better serve constituents in person.

The volunteers and participants at her community events were always a mix of cultural backgrounds. Many of them, including me, are new immigrants from China.

Service in Mandarin and Cantonese has become routine in Elmore’s office and has earned her a very good reputation in the Chinese community.

> Jenny Shen / Vancouver

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Lucy Chan
Thank you for this article Jenny. I like seeing the youth, especially from my ethnic community, speak out their mind. I will not speculate on your doubt if Kalaw can provide evidence to support his claim that the Honorable MLA Elmore has been partial and selective in her constituency service.
I can only speak as a Chinese Canadian Businesswoman who has been in the Riding’s community for a while now.
Will you do me the favor of writing about specifics? Please write specific accomplishments Mable Elmore has done for us, the Chinese business community of Vancouver Kensington, that you can say goes beyond having Mandarin and Cantonese speaking volunteers in her office doing practicum.
“xie xie ni”
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