COPE candidate Ellen Woodsworth faces her own housing crisis


There’s one thing taking up much of Ellen Woodsworth’s attention in addition to her duties as a Vancouver city councillor and a candidate in the November 19 civic election: she and her partner are trying to find a new home. They may face eviction.

“Oh, it’s very stressful,” Woodsworth remarked during a recent phone interview with the Straight. “There’s not a lot of places out there. It’s very expensive. There’s not a lot of choices.”

The Coalition of Progressive Electors politician has rented a unit in an East Vancouver row house for more than 32 years. She recently learned that the property has been sold.

Tenants haven’t heard yet from the new owner.

According to Woodsworth, she and her partner have also applied to five housing co-ops. However, they haven’t heard back from any of them.

“It’s a little painful subject for me,” Woodsworth said.

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Someone who can speak from experience, knows the real side of Vancouver.
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Did she look at her lease? Usually if there is no end date they are stuck with you. Or was there no lease? I know from experience, they send "eviction's services" to your door thinking you have no idea about your rights. They had kit gloves with me after they knew I did my research. I am talking constitutional too lease limitations. Usually this is because they can double the rent. Why doesn't straight investigate the whole situation. It's a weekly. God knows your not on about other Candidates outside the Vision-NPA information filter. Might be allowing me to speak here out of guilty feelings. Well I did it before the election for some time.
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