SFU professor Lynne Quarmby describes her entry into politics as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada as “a sacrifice”.
With five polls on the West Side and just two serving only the East Side, it raises questions whether the city treated some voters better than others.
Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vancouver city councillors have been sworn in at a ceremony at the Creekside Community Recreation Centre.
There has been considerable discussion recently about whether Vancouver should change its plurality-at-large electoral system.
With a new city council term set to begin, Green councillor Adriane Carr says she’s hoping to see “a more collaborative council” over the next four years.
None of the union's allegations have been proven in court.
R J Aquino, OneCity Vancouver’s sole candidate, drew more than 30,000 votes in the new party’s first election.
And the best showing in #vanelxn 2014 award goes to... Trish Kelly in “The Case of the Missing Campaign”.
Over the last decade, the City of Vancouver has repeatedly asked the province to reform campaign finance rules for municipal elections.