Former CIA officer doubts Israel will launch an air strike on Iran


Do you ever wonder if Israel will launch an air strike on Iran?

According to former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, it's not as simple as it seems.

In the American Conservative Giraldi cites numerous reasons why an Israeli attack on Iran "would be fraught with difficulties".

"Assuming that the Israeli Air Force is able to carry out the refueling, fly successfully to Iran, suppress ground defenses, and carry out its bombing, it still has to return home, again flying over Iraq with every air force and air defense battery in the region on full alert," he writes. "Depending on how much maneuvering was required while over Iran, some planes might well need to be refueled again which would mean deploying highly vulnerable tankers over Iraq or Jordan."

He closes his detailed military analysis by suggesting that the real reason for Israeli leaders' threats is that they're part of "a long running disinformation operation to somehow convince the United States to do the job or a deliberate conditioning of the Israeli and US publics to be supportive if some incident can be arranged to triger an armed conflict".

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It's a conditioning exercise for the Sheep.

Old Net is looking to change the Channel and look tough to deflect from his failures.

Sooner or later they will strike and it does not have to be with Airplanes.

Israel has an impressive Military Industrial complex so they have Missiles more than capable of striking Iran.

Israel has Jericho Missiles which can be fitted with regular Multiple War (don't you love Google? :)
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why would Israel risk it, when the US is willing to do it for them?
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