Is it time for the Liberals, NDP, and Greens to unite against Harper's Conservative machine?


Early returns indicate this has been a very good election for the Conservatives under Stephen Harper, which have won their third victory since 2006.

Federal election 2011

Harper has been the beneficiary of a fragmented vote on the centre and the left.

The NDP will be the Official Opposition, whereas the Bloc Quebecois vote collapsed and Liberal support plummeted.

Harper is enjoying the same type of luck that former Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien experienced on his way to three straight victories between 1993 and 2000. In those years, the right was fractured between the Progressive Conservatives and the Reform party/Canadian Alliance.

Harper's repeated electoral success will likely lead to serious soul-searching over whether more progressive Canadians should come together under one party.

The Conservatives' strength in Ontario, in particular, should scare the bejesus out of those who feel that Harper is creating a meaner country.

In this election, the NDP moved somewhat to the right and the Liberals shifted somewhat to the left. The Greens continue to play a spoiler role, and it remains to be seen if either the leader, Elizabeth May, or the deputy leader, Adriane Carr, will get elected.

Public financing of political parties discourages centrist and left-wing parties from combining under one tent. That's because people who work for the parties, including unelected officials like May and Carr, can keep their jobs with the help of the public subsidies—and those jobs could disappear if the parties were folded into one larger organization.

Isn't it ironic that Harper wants to get rid of those subsidies when they could, in fact, be helping him retain his hold on power.

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2015 is a long way away...... just look what bush did in 4 years
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contempt for facts and for canada
ok, so 40 percent of voters are suckers for lies.....hey, its better than 100 percent !....yes, time for cohesion
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With Harpper, Bush will look like a Sunday school teacher. This guy belongs along side a dictator.
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Tommy Amo
what a disaster.. conservative majority because of left wing vote-splitting.. Harper is going to destroy Canada's reputation of peace-keeping and public care

He officially changed "Government of Canada" name to "Harper's Government". He campaigned for tax cut, but left out the fact that he's only doing this for corporations and for the rich. He's turning Canada into a selfish, mean, hardcore capitalist country, and won't care if families and small businesses burn to ashes. and why is he buying fighter jets and creating prisons? is he taking us into war? Hopefully this vote-splitting nightmare will end in 2015. But let's hope Canada as we know it will not collapse or transform into the "United States of Canada" under harper's rule by then..
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Ken Lawson
Not going to happen even if all combined they still cannot out vote the Conservatives, Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo NDP hacks

Conservative - Reform
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Tommy Amo - More like the United Provinces of Canada. Also they'll be adding blue to our flag. Imagine something similar to the American flag but with maple leaves instead of stars.

Ken Lawson - Did you fail math while you were in school? Last I checked 40% is lower than 60%. Lets just take the hypothetical example of an NDP-Liberal merger. 31% + 19% = 50%. 50% is greater than 40%.

So just how is it that you assume that even if they all combined they couldn't out vote the Conservatives? Just combining the NDP and Liberals is more than enough to out vote them.

Next time try using a calculator before you post since your math skills clearly suck.
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