Jamie Lee Hamilton says rumours of her death are false


Special coverage

Jamie Lee Hamilton wants everyone to know that she’s alive and well.

An upset Hamilton called the Straight this afternoon (October 1) about an item posted on the message board of Squirt, a hookup site for gay men.

“Rest in peace Jamie Lee Hamilton,” reads the message, a copy of which was provided by Hamilton, “who suddenly passed this morning from a weight related disease and will be remember for all her work towards legalizing prostitution on the downtown east side and for the efforts towards owning and operating the forbidden city also known from other names such as tricia foxx whos bid to become the first transsexual parks board commissioner will always be remembered. A wonderful true honest person who will be missed.”

Naturally, the well-known activist, whose causes include rights for sex-trade workers and better park services, wasn’t pleased.

“It’s just so awful,” Hamilton said on the phone.

According to Hamilton, she called and left a message with Pink Triangle Press, the company behind the dating site.

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