John Furlong article still ignites readers’ passions


Knowing how the legal system operates in favour of those with money and power, I fear for those individuals in Burns Lake who came forward with affidavits about the abuse they suffered at Immaculata elementary school [“ Furlong bio omits secret past in Burns Lake”, September 27–Ocober 4]. Let’s hope they are being provided with the necessary high-quality legal advice and counsel they urgently need now as they are confronted by a top-flight legal team from a large, established law firm led by one of Canada’s top trial lawyers, funded by an outraged Goliath with deep pockets.

> Fiona Lam / Vancouver


Shame on you Georgia Straight. John Furlong is probably one of the classiest people I’ve ever known, and I have no doubt that the allegations made will be proven baseless. I hope his lawyers tear you a new a**hole. By the time this is over, you won’t even be able to get a job writing.

Of course, you probably don’t have the balls to print this letter to the editor, but you won’t hesitate to run an article destroying an innocent man’s reputation.

> James Tyler Sharun / Vancouver


The Georgia Straight was courageous to bring forward the claims of John Furlong’s former students in Burns Lake. The large number of complaints is sufficient to warrant further investigation into this segment of Furlong’s life, which he conveniently omitted to talk about in his autobiography.

Yes, we should withhold judgment until more is revealed. If he is willing to accept awards and honorary degrees for his service to the community, he should also be willing to address the question of why so many under his charge found that he did not serve them well at all.

> Vinit Khosla / Vancouver

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Susan Vancouver
Mr. Furlong needs to keep his mouth shut. Every time he talks about these allegations he makes himself look guilty. Like back when he was first approached by someone saying "$$ will make it go away" and then JF claims he alerted the RCMP to this blackmail but yet the RCMP have no knowledge of the complaint. Phone records will prove if he did call or not. And JF's continued assault of the messenger just makes him look bad.
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sparkles J
Fino Lam points above are totally accurate..I agree! There needs to be a balanced legal playing field. Furlong would also be wise to ensure this also. Because if the public feel its a cover up and not a level playing field for the native complaints the investigation will look bogus in the public eye.. So someone please come forward to assist those people legally up in Prince George and Burns lake and investigate this fairly for all parties interest regardless of what position you take Guilty or Not.. Rcmp and the authorities will stink of a bias to furlong if this is swept under the rug.
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Nicky Peace
And, the courageous Georgia Straits, please do not stop to follow up the progress report and let the public know. Otherwise, the case becomes dormant and slip away from the public awareness and the justice system will not be exercised accordingly.
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J Laycock
If only Furlong can be honest and brave enough to admit what he did, or explained the reasons from the accusations, most of us will be humble enough to listen and try to analyze (maybe understand) his past behavior. By denying totally, accompanied with threat and illogical explanations, make him looks a worse person. Negative power and pride bring down public figure's reputation at the end. Alas, there are rare wise lawyers available to hire; only expensive ones.
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I don't know him, never met him, and yet I still can't stand him. He has always come across as smug, elitist, arrogant and definitely self-aggrandizing. A arrogant, narcissistic know-it-all. Oh ya, he's also buddies with Gordo "I've never met a wealthy person or martini I didn't like" Campbell. And he headed up that 5 ring shit fest that he still has to bring up whenever blowing sunshine up his own ass! Johnny-boy, do us a favour and disappear.
Rating: +10
Hana Lahave
Well well well"what doYou now".....the cat seem tocome Out of the bag"....This Papper..Has Been Brave In taking This atter +++ The Respected Lady Reporter....Very Brave... Clearly, Sh has no self Interst in this..Just to Bring the Truth Out to the Open"....Men", especially from the older Generation..can be scared of That..@ will fight It.. Insted of Seeing It as an Opportunity to "Mature".....This Is a "gift" o Him (In desguise)....It's sad...that He wasn't able To ---Take some time..@ Reflect on the subject...from A differant Place" It' Wise ---toListen tentatively To A woman,---who for an Imporant Reason...wanted to communicate "somethin" to Him...I haveMuch Respect to Laura R..@ The Georgia Straight...You are "Right On" "GodBless"...may You be Blessed..
Rating: +5
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