The writer is quite right in saying international students make vital contributions to the quality of a university education.
Thank you for a well-researched and comprehensive article on the Vancouver Aquarium by Travis Lupick.
It’s not surprising that the Doctors of B.C. should object to the province’s announcement that Kwantlen Polytechnic University may host the first traditional Chinese medicine publicly funded diploma program in B.C.
As long as the region accepts growth there will be gridlock.
Despite two years of pretence, the city knows what’s best and here’s what you’re going to get.
They are: selfishness, contempt, cynicism, corruption, abuse, and patronage.
As long as I am around I will be forever grateful to Paul Reubens for creating such a exceptional character.
This should be about justice and honour for pioneer Chinese families with subsequent healing, reconciliation, and closure.
All that restrictive laws do is make life miserable for law-abiding people.
My advice is all progressive voters (including Conservatives) hold their noses and vote NDP.