Mayor Gregor Robertson wants more late-night bus service in Vancouver


MayorGregor Robertson says he wants the City of Vancouver and TransLink to work together to expand much-needed late-night bus service in the city.

“There is huge demand for better late-night bus service in Vancouver, whether it’s for our hospitality industry or shift workers from across the region,” Robertson said in a news release today (December 8).

“I’m confident we can get some options on the table that increase late-night service in Vancouver,” said Robertson, who represents the city on TransLink’s mayors’ council.

A motion coming before city council next week proposes that Robertson direct city staff to work with TransLink on increasing how often and how long buses run late at night.

The motion, introduced by Vision councillor Geoff Meggs, suggests developing options to expand bus service “as soon as possible within existing budget levels”.

“It’s easy to focus on big-ticket, long-term items like rapid transit out to UBC, but improving late-night transit, even if it’s just for weekends, is something we can do in the near-term and at a modest cost,” Robertson said in the release.

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