Municipal Election

Christy Clark and her colleagues seem oblivious to the significance of unions.
The electoral prospects of the Green Party of Vancouver look lush.
The woman who's expected to run for mayor also has concerns about the Surrey City Development Corporation's debt level.
Surrey elder statesman Bob Bose is endorsing councillor Barinder Rasode for mayor.
Good government must protect and promote the Human Rights of all people in its jurisdiction.
City council candidate Pete Fry says the party's goal is to elect a more diverse and representative civic government.
Sean Antrim says he intends to be with COPE for a long time.
New Westminster councillor Lorrie Williams is somewhat torn.
Like the Ford brothers in Toronto, the Chernen siblings of Vancouver want to take City Hall.
The Non-Partisan Association has released a series of measures the party says it would put in place to make city hall “more accountable to the residents it serves”.