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Seabirds are the sentinels of ocean health and are also the most rapidly declining birds on the planet, and the odyssey of the sooty shearwater highlights many of the obstacles they face.
David Suzuki hopes that Neil Young, Shane Koyczan, and Feist can help enshrine environmental rights in Canada’s Constitution.
The flesh of some moose near the tarsands of northern Alberta had turned green.
Can a mysterious, bird-killing toxin attached to a newly discovered type of algae offer clues to cures for human neurodegenerative diseases?
Could an answer to climate change be sitting right in our backyard?
Methyl bromide, which has been used to keep critters from infesting high-value hocks, is being phased out because it is one of the most potent compounds depleting the Earth’s ozone layer.
NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe says that the time has come for a regulatory regime to set clear rules for medicinal-marijuana dispensaries, but he has stopped short of calling for any closures.
The ghost of Little Mountain looms large over residents of a social-housing complex in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.
It's well known that high levels of lead kill birds. But now it's becoming clear that amounts commonly encountered by waterfowl and raptors can mess up everything critical for their survival in the wild.
Matt Peters, a fourth-generation farmer, worked dusk-to-dawn every spring planting pesticide-treated seeds on his 600-hectare family farm—until he committed suicide at age 55.