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NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe says that the time has come for a regulatory regime to set clear rules for medicinal-marijuana dispensaries, but he has stopped short of calling for any closures.
The ghost of Little Mountain looms large over residents of a social-housing complex in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.
It's well known that high levels of lead kill birds. But now it's becoming clear that amounts commonly encountered by waterfowl and raptors can mess up everything critical for their survival in the wild.
Matt Peters, a fourth-generation farmer, worked dusk-to-dawn every spring planting pesticide-treated seeds on his 600-hectare family farm—until he committed suicide at age 55.
A physician with the B.C. Centre for Disease Control says he’s been reflecting on the extensive media coverage of the Ebola outbreak.
For 14 years, Jim Gordon has been fighting powerful foes—from the Kennedys to a billionaire Koch brother—to set 130 towering turbines in the ocean off Cape Cod.
Five years have passed since Rodney Watson sought sanctuary inside the First United Church in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. During that time, one American war in Iraq has ended and another has begun.
A long-shot municipal candidate is doing what big-name B.C. politicians with deep-pocket friends likely won’t.
The chair of the Vancouver park board has called the Coalition of Progressive Electors’ proposal of a permanent tent city “irresponsible”.
A persistent chemical formerly used in Scotchgard still contaminates most fish in the Great Lakes and rivers in the U.S. despite a phase-out a dozen years ago.