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If you thought B.C. Ferries vessels would be bound by International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, you’d be wrong.
Activist argues push to end captivity of whales and dolphins is more likely to succeed.
Acidic ocean water blunts the sense of smell in fish, making them bolder--perhaps recklessly so, according to a new study offering a glimpse of the oceans of the future.
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In this week's cover story, Vision Vancouver wants a public debate over keeping marine mammals in captivity, but critics question the politicians' motivations.
Municipal politicians finally seem to be taking an interest in our captive cetaceans, but is it all just politics as usual?
An animal-rights activist outlines three options for an end to whale and dolphin captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium.
Today, industrial civilization has produced enough carbon dioxide to warm the planet and bring methane into the picture yet again.
The nephew of French billionaire Vincent Bolloré is involved in a serious enterprise that could have a profound impact on the planet.
Hundreds of tons of highly radioactive water have inundated building basements at Japan’s Fukushima No.