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For 14 years, Jim Gordon has been fighting powerful foes—from the Kennedys to a billionaire Koch brother—to set 130 towering turbines in the ocean off Cape Cod.
Five years have passed since Rodney Watson sought sanctuary inside the First United Church in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. During that time, one American war in Iraq has ended and another has begun.
A long-shot municipal candidate is doing what big-name B.C. politicians with deep-pocket friends likely won’t.
The chair of the Vancouver park board has called the Coalition of Progressive Electors’ proposal of a permanent tent city “irresponsible”.
A persistent chemical formerly used in Scotchgard still contaminates most fish in the Great Lakes and rivers in the U.S. despite a phase-out a dozen years ago.
Opponents are making an issue of social-media posts by City of North Vancouver council candidate Iani Makris.
Lou-ann Ika’wega Neel comes from a long line of artists.
Advocates for prisoners’ rights argue the province’s correctional system is inadequately equipped to care for inmates identified as struggling with mental-health challenges.
The executive director of the Georgia Strait Alliance says she’s often been frustrated when she’s heard about community consultations after they’ve occurred.
Because the Conservatives are implementing changes incrementally and by stealth, it's not as noticeable as the revolutions that took place under Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.