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Doug McCallum hopes that supporting neighbourhood constituencies will help him regain the mayor’s chair.
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An expert says new research about the chemical BPA's effect on the mammary glands of rats should raise a red flag for humans.
By several measures, including assault, sexual assault, and attempted suicide, inmates are more likely to incur harm than they were 10 years ago.
Two federal parties accepting cryptocurrency contributions.
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Five years after recommendations were made following the in-custody death of an aboriginal man, civil society organizations say authorities still have room for improvement in the way they deal with chronic alcoholics.
Packing on a few pounds during pregnancy can provide more benefit than just "eating for two"--like protecting the fetus from pesticide exposure.
Nurseries and garden centres in Canada are selling bee-friendly plants treated with bee-killing pesticides.
An ancient First Nations ritual steeped in symbolism is going to take place in the nation’s capital this summer.