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Packing on a few pounds during pregnancy can provide more benefit than just "eating for two"--like protecting the fetus from pesticide exposure.
Nurseries and garden centres in Canada are selling bee-friendly plants treated with bee-killing pesticides.
An ancient First Nations ritual steeped in symbolism is going to take place in the nation’s capital this summer.
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One of Canada’s best-known marijuana activists says she’s ready to make a leap into mainstream politics with the federal Liberal Party.
Victoria-based lawyer Jack Woodward noted that although Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government have the power under federal legislation to approve the pipeline, that power is not absolute.
Sandie Brown worries about many of her neighbours. She’s afraid that they may lose their homes at their Vancouver co-op.
Opposition politicians, environmentalists, and Fukushima residents are outraged by the appointment to the national nuclear watchdog agency of a professor of nuclear engineering with deep financial ties to the nuclear industry.
Climate change is creating significant new risks for the $65-billion-a-year U.S. corn industry, foundation for the nation's favorite soft-drink sweetener, at the same time that consumers are shifting away from the additive.