No change to HST vote timetable amid Canada Post lockout, says Elections B.C.


Despite the suspension of postal service across Canada, no changes to the timetable of the provincial mail-in HST ballot are being considered, Elections B.C. says.

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Canada Post has locked out 50,000 employees after the Canadian Union of Postal Workers launched 12 days of rotating strikes amid a contract dispute.

“Elections B.C. and Canada Post will be meeting today to discuss ways to mitigate the disruption in postal service,” acting chief electoral officer Craig James says in a statement today (June 15). “No changes to the referendum timetable are being contemplated at this time.”

“Elections B.C. is continuing production of the HST referendum voting packages to the effect that there should be no delay in getting the packages to registered voters once Canada Post service resumes,” James says.

“Canada Post has assured Elections B.C. that the voting packages in the mail system presently will be securely stored until postal service resumes.”

Canada Post announced its decision to suspend operations on June 14.

Elections B.C. planned to mail HST referendum voting packages between June 13 to 24. B.C. voters are being asked whether they want to stick with the HST or return to the PST and GST.

Voters who have already received HST referendum packages are advised they can be dropped off at Service B.C. Centres, the Elections B.C. collection centre in Metro Vancouver, or the Elections B.C. headquarters in Victoria.

July 22 is the deadline for voters to return their HST referendum packages.

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glen p robbins
I just got off the phone with Elections BC. Ballots are being sent out in two blocks of mail. The first block was sent out Monday (June 13, 2011) to approx 25 areas of the province including Kamloops, Alberni and North Coast. The HST ballots were not sent out to Vancouver and the Fraser Valley - their ballots will be sent out Monday June 20, 2011.

Perhaps readers in the regions of the first block - mentioned Kamloops, Alberni, and North Coast could let us know if they have received their ballots.

This (Wednesday June 15, 2011) is my second day of not receiving mail (unless it comes absolutely unusually late in the day).


Glen P.
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