Pot comics holding back the legalization cause


Society is so hypocritical, and the media doubly so [" Smoke from a new fire", November 27–December 4]. Most days, the papers have scathing, hyped-up reports of "grow ops" and the supposed psychosis-inducing dangers of the newfangled, space-age super pot they grow in them. We see cops in hazmat suits and read quotes from police and government officials about how pot users are the scourge of society. Then two aging hacks come to town to rehash some outdated [comedy] routines that only serve to reinforce negative stereotypes about pot users, and a winking media and a complacent public just giggle.

What about the fact that the hugely unpopular, incredibly expensive, and wildly dysfunctional prohibition on pot is subsidizing everything from organized crime to human trafficking and international terrorism? What about the fact that federally licensed medical marijuana users like me are having our human rights violated because we are forbidden by provincial laws from even using our medication in public? Tommy Chong is the yardstick by which our culture measures pot users, and we have him to thank, in large part, for the pot-legalization movement being held back for the past 40 years.

> Russell Barth / Nepean, Ontario

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