Producer drops gloves to take on Colin Thomas


In his review of Kid Gloves, Colin Thomas takes me to task for producing this new play [Theatre reviews, November 22-29]. His criticisms are his personal opinion; however, I take Thomas to task for his cavalier and dismissive comments that suggest only fully polished plays should be produced.

As a playwright himself, surely he does not truly believe this and if he does, what draws him to write about the imperfections of theatre? Is he questing for the perfect play, which frankly may only exist in the minds of academics and playwrights who have become critics? And if only perfect plays should be produced, why are we still enjoying the work of William Shakespeare?

In response to his suggestion that the perfect play should take precedence over relevance, I remind him of the words of Dario Fo, famed director, playwright, and activist, whose plays are recognized for their criticism of organized crime and political corruption: “A theatre, a literature, an artistic expression that does not speak for its own time does not have relevance.”

Kid Gloves is an artistic expression that speaks for its time, has relevance, and shares what it might have been like to be the first Canadian policewomen. It does “hold a mirror up to nature” (Shakespeare) and reminds us that women still go missing, gender bias still exists, and good people still fight for positive change.

> Donna Spencer / Artistic Producer, Firehall Arts Centre

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Play Attendee
I recall how Colin Thomas dished 'Debt' another production shown at
the Firehall Theatre. I thought it clever and extremely entertaining as
did my friends.

If it were up to the "critics", a whole lot of good theatre would be thrown
to the wayside. Good reason for the public to take in reviews with a
grain of salt.
Rating: -4
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