Real Estate

Old places about to disappear for new development often hold stories of people who aren’t strangers to adversit
Mortgage broker Cholo Insua has mixed feelings about the pricing of home-loan insurance.
Islington London borough council is considering imposing fines on investors who buy new homes and leave them empty.
A fight over a parking spot at a 42-unit Victoria condominium has led to a long-running battle before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.
The plan to build townhouses on the site of the old Avalon Dairy in Vancouver is up for another review.
Outdoor spots that offer a measure of tranquillity downtown are a treasure.
The breakup of a long-term relationship is often accompanied by a great deal of pain. It can also have a profound impact on one’s finances.
This time, the fight over the future of the 217.5-hectare Tsawwassen property is moving to a regional level.
These days, many real-estate developers like marketing their properties on the strength of the surrounding neighbourhoods.
Renting a condo may be cheaper than owning one, but it doesn’t mean that the rental unit is affordable.