Real Estate

Since the MVHC gets neither a share of taxes collected by the regional district nor funding from the federal and provincial governments, money for development has to come from somewhere else.
Architect John Patkau noted that waterfront is the ideal spot for a cultural facility of this scale.
This is the first time anyone has taken a detailed look at the incomes of tenants.
The B.C. Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by a landlord who didn’t want to pay the health-care costs of a man who fell off one of his building’s balconies.
School properties are a big election issue in two areas in the Lower Mainland.
Other public-housing properties will also be on the auction block.
Should the mayor of Vancouver be inviting developers into his office for private conversations?
A report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business focuses on the gap between residential and business property taxes in municipalities across the province over 10 years.
A grassroots organization wants municipalities to seize “abandoned, neglected, and derelict properties”.
Non-Partisan Association mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe is pledging to find out just how much foreign investors are affecting housing prices in Vancouver.