Real Estate

These films raise interesting questions about what is becoming of our city.
But this isn’t exactly a repeat of the exodus from Hong Kong in the years leading up to the 1997 handover.
Chandra Herbert worries that the B.C. Liberal government is preparing to introduce a new code next spring without seeking sufficient public input.
Adriane Carr's party has raised the possibility of a vacant-housing levy.
Last year, the province says it spent $27 million to provide more than 750 year-round shelter spaces, which works out to $36,000 per space.
With a civic election coming on November 15, affordable housing has emerged as a key issue in the campaign.
A think-tank that looks into demographic and economic issues has had enough of some of the talk around unoccupied homes in Vancouver.
Marcon will donate a portion of the proceeds of each home in Mill House to the Tim Jones Legacy Fund.
Vancouver mayoral aspirants have offered mixed opinions about a blog site that suggests that a “wave of squatting” might spur municipal action on vacant homes.
Sitting in the window seat at Starbucks near the corner of Lougheed Highway and Willingdon Avenue, it’s easy to see that change is coming to Brentwood Town Centre.