Robocalls spur 70-year-old Victoria resident’s walk to Ottawa


A 70-year-old Victoria resident plans to walk all the way to Ottawa to protest alleged irregularities in last year’s federal election.

Ted Musson told the Straight by phone on September 18 that he is “at least 90 percent” sure about going on the cross-country trek.

A federal court in Ottawa is hearing applications seeking to overturn election results in seven Conservative-held ridings. The legal action is built on claims that live phone calls and recordings purported to be from Elections Canada were made in the lead-up to the May 2011 balloting and that they directed voters to the wrong polling stations.

Musson is convinced that the election was stolen by the Conservatives. “It’s an illegal government,” he said. “They didn’t win the election.”

The retired carpenter noted that he recently purchased an eight-metre-long motor home and has enlisted the help of a driver to support him on his walk.

Musson intends to begin in early October. He expects to reach Ottawa eight months later.

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Thank you Ted. I hope you never walk alone and arrive with thousands.
Rating: +14
It's shocking that this issue hasn't been sufficiently covered in recent months. It's extremely important. Thank you Ted for bringing attention to it.
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Raymond Comeau
Thank you Ted! You are a special Canadian because you are personally making a grand effort to stop he Criminal harper government. If we don't stop it here, it will be a disaster. Thank You.
Rating: -4
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