Save the Fraser Declaration gains three new signatories as First Nations leaders gather in Vancouver

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      A B.C. indigenous declaration opposing pipelines and tankers in the province gained three new signatories today (December 13), as Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson proclaimed the day “Save the Fraser Declaration Day”.

      More than a dozen leaders, including National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Shawn A-in-chut Atleo, gathered in downtown Vancouver to mark the anniversary this month of the Save the Fraser Declaration, which has now been signed by over 130 bands.

      The Tahltan Central Council, Tahltan Band Council and the B.C. Métis Federation added their names to the declaration, which was announced by the Yinka Dene Alliance in December 2010.

      “Who’d have thought this alliance would grow to such a big thing when we first got together in Williams Lake,” said Chief Jackie Thomas of the Saik’uz First Nation, one of the six bands that formed the alliance. “There was a few concerned people, and now we do have an unbreakable wall.”

      Thomas told reporters she has been given the mandate by her community to “use all means necessary to stop this project”, referring to the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project.

      “We will use the legal means here in Canada as well as internationally,” she said.

      In reading today’s proclamation from the City of Vancouver, Robertson noted that city council passed a resolution in May 2012 to “strenuously oppose” any increase in oil tanker traffic.

      “We have grave concerns about the impacts of massive fossil fuel expansion across this province, affecting our waterways, and most important of which the Fraser River, which has given life to countless generations here in this place,” he said.

      Atleo said the Assembly of First Nations’ role is supporting indigenous communities that are giving expression to their aboriginal title and rights.

      “No longer is anyone out there allowed to tell us what is good for us,” he said. “We will stand with you as you say no to what is being proposed in your territories.”

      Jody Wilson-Raybould, the regional chief for the Assembly of First Nations in B.C., said First Nations have been "galvanized" since the initial signing of the declaration.

      “It has galvanized our First Nations around the recognition that we must be consulted, we must provide the free, prior and informed consent to any major resource industrial projects that happen within our territories, whether it be the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, whether it be the Site C dam in northwestern British Columbia, whether it be the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, or the so-called new Prosperity mines, we as First Nations in this province and in this country stand together to protect our environment.”

      The Save the Fraser Declaration opposes oilsands pipelines through the Fraser watershed and the ocean migration routes of Fraser River salmon.

      The signatories argue that a federal government decision to allow the Enbridge Northern Gateway project to proceed would infringe on their title and rights and breach Canada’s obligations under international law. Hearings for the proposed pipeline are taking place in Prince Rupert this week.


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      Warren Walker

      Dec 13, 2012 at 9:58pm


      You are saving our home. Those CHEAP oil companies are akin to horse thieves. They're attempting to rob us blind.

      1. We already have transportation (rail) technologies that are already comparable to pipeline rates. Electrified (bluetooth)technologies are already present... just ask Bombardier who gave them $400 Million tp lassoo those technologies... could it be the Chinese government?

      2. We just completed modifications to rail lines and tunnels to accommodate DOUBLE-HIGH rail container cars... and with a little innovation we could rent out returnable containers that hold refined petroleum products put on container ships for transportation abroad. The emptied containers could be loaded in China for their return with goods for North America.

      3. We can refine EVERYTHING coming from the tarsands and ship it to ports in those containers for CASH, keeping the profits from our clean refineries. Think we can suddenly get rid of the Provincial deficit?

      Railways build nations, pipelines divide them.

      It's time we had a policy to BAN tankers and pipelines and sell our processed petroleum products to the highest bidder.

      9 14Rating: -5

      Winifred Nowell

      Dec 14, 2012 at 10:07am

      This is a lifeline for us all who live on this earth - thank you, thank you for all your incredible efforts to save the mighty rivers and the pristine land, a constant reminder that our over-consumption can bring devastation to all of us and our offspring unless we take these steps.

      8 13Rating: -5


      Dec 16, 2012 at 2:42pm

      The F.N. People, have been our unpaid stewards of, lands, forests, fish, lakes, rivers, streams, and the sea. F.N. are watchful over, every wild creature on land or at sea.

      We respect the First Nations people, superior knowledge of our eco systems. They are always the first to see any eco damage, that is being done. We really rely on them.

      I watched a program, where an Elder was teaching some of their young people. It was always, respect. Respect the water you need to drink. Respect the fish that feed you. Be very careful of the number of fish. You must always respect this, for the next generation to come. You must respect the wild animals that feed you. You only hunt for, what you need for food.

      You respect nature? Nature will respect you. You must be grateful for, what nature gives you.

      What kind of fools pollute, clean water? What kind of fools permit, dirty diseased fish farms, that kill off wild Salmon? What kind of a fool, would thieve and sell rivers, and put hydro dams in them? What kind of fools, are dumping toxic waste into the Columbia River? The list of what is polluting, is three football fields long. Hard to believe fools would even be so stupid , as to foul their own nests?

      Sadly some of man, are the most destructive and greedy animals on earth, and the most stupid ones at that.

      9 8Rating: +1