Shato Holdings seeks rezoning at corner of Cambie Street and West 12th Avenue


Shortly after theGeorgia Straight went to press on September 26, Shato Holdings was scheduled to appear before the Urban Design Panel at Vancouver City Hall for its proposed rezoning of much of the block at the southeast corner of Cambie Street and West 12th Avenue. The company owns the White Spot eatery located there.

The plan calls for 138 residential units in buildings ranging from six to eight storeys high. Shato has also applied to develop 20,000 square feet of commercial space to replace the existing 16,000-square-foot restaurant.

Shato’s managing director, Ron Toigo, told the Straight by phone that if the application is approved, the company will move a heritage house to another part of the site. He added that a new White Spot might be included in the project, depending on how the development proceeds.

Toigo also mentioned that the creation of the Canada Line along Cambie Street was a major factor behind the company’s decision to proceed at this time. However, he said there are no plans to redevelop Shato’s head-office site across the street from the Canada Line’s King Edward Station.

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Shato Holdings let Vision Vancouver put up signs all along the fencing of the property now up for rezoning on 12th across from City Hall last November. See for yourself:
These signs were within 100m of a polling station, something not allowed by election rules. Shato Holdings also contributed $5000 towards Vision's election campaign in 2011. Is it surprising to see large rezoning coming a year later? Are Vision members of council in conflict of interest, and should they recuse themselves at a future public hearing?
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Frederick King-Chuen Ma
This article did not state that the present White Spot restaurant is on the NE corner of !3th and Cambie, as seen in this Street view

I believe Shato's plan is to have the former ESSO station site that is vacant north the restaurant rezoned so that can tear down the present one build a bigger one encompassing both lots which would block of the alley way between 12th and 13th.

If you look carefully on the Street View, you should get the idea that the present restaurant on 13th should be residential, not commercial zoned.
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Frederick King-Chuen Ma
In the past there had been a White Spot drive-in at King Edward & Cambie on the lot where Shato's HQ is.
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