Special coverage: Vancouver Pride 2011


That's right, folks: it's time again for the Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival, one of the absolute highlights of summer in the Lower Mainland. This week, we look at the intersection of queer rights and religion, the International Two-Spirit Gathering on Gambier Island, the North American Outgames, LGBT housing issues, and more.

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Bring back shame!
Pride has lost its subversive edge. It'll soon be a Hallmark card holiday. All those semi-naked gorgeous guys and gals dancing to disco on the floats, showing off their buff bodies, it's like a crossroads where soft core meets celeb meets body building.

Bring back nasty dirty ugly unspeakable sex. No wonder the Victorians were the sexiest people, they knew how baaaad it really is. Healthy sex is touched up hollywood fascism. Sex is (holy) confusion.
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