Stockwell Day calls for unity to defeat NDP in next provincial election

Stockwell Day says he realizes that “people do not feel drawn” to B.C. Liberal premier Christy Clark.


Would you like to see Stockwell Day run for premier of B.C. one day?

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The former federal Conservative cabinet minister was speaking through a statement his aide sent to the Georgia Straight on Monday evening (September 10).

Last week, the Straight requested an interview with Day after ex-B.C. Liberal leader Gordon Wilson said that Day’s name is one of those being touted in influential business circles as being able to unite the fractured right.

Day didn’t make himself available for an interview before deadline. However, in the statement his aide sent, the former head of the federal Canadian Alliance and leader of the Official Opposition in Parliament pointed out that he’s doing “all I can to hopefully stave off a disaster”.

He was referring to a likely victory by the B.C. NDP in next May’s provincial election.

Clark’s B.C. Liberals have been freefalling in the polls, while former Conservative MP John Cummins’s B.C. Conservative Party has eaten up the ruling party’s support from the centre-right constituency.

Here’s the full statement by Day:

I’m doing all I can to convince people we cannot afford to split the vote. I realize people are angry but to use our anger to cause a situation that allows the socialists to run and ruin the province is, as they say, the same as ‘cutting off our noses to spite our faces.’

Four years of NDP takes at least a generation to pay for, and there’s no guarantee they would get booted out in four years anyway.

Right now people need to hold their noses not cut them off. It’s time to vote with our thoughts on our children and our grandchildren and not on ourselves. I am doing all I can to hopefully stave off a disaster. I realize people do not feel drawn to Christy Clark, however international investors are telling me they are already hedging their bets and pulling back their investments as they shake their heads in dismay that British Columbians would prefer to divide the nonsocialist vote rather than unite it.

It simply is time to pull together.

If we can do that and win this thing then there will be a real opportunity to put the two parties together on paper after the election in a democratic way and have a full and open convention. If the NDP wins we are into full on recession, economic disaster, with capital flight and human resources moving to places like Alberta. I saw it happen in the 90s when I was Minister of Finance in Alberta, it absolutely will happen again, it has already begun.

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The NDP are not socialists
"and there’s no guarantee they would get booted out in four years anyway"

Yep, democracy is pretty frustrating, right, Stock? I guess the only real way to insure that the people get what's right for them is to take matters into your own hands to prevent those fools-that-believe-in-something-called-dinosaurs from gaining office through democratic voting practices.

Rating: +9
Please list these "international investors" that you speak of. The idea that anyone "international" would even speak to a creationist hick whose idea of culture is jet-skiing seems a bit dubious to me.
Rating: +8
It's impossible for socialists to ruin BC as the Funerals + Scambell have already done so with massive Corporate Welfare.

* BC Rail Sale

* PPP above market rate power contracts in the billions to be subsidized by rate payers

* $171 + Million for useless fare gates

* $565++ for a leaky tarp roof

Etc etc
Rating: +11
Don Allan
I find it remarkable that the media have not clued into the basic truth that retreads like Stockwell Day, John Reynolds, and Chuck Strahl are ALL sucking at the hind Weenie of Christy Clark and the BC liberals. These guys are all on the payroll in one way or another as lobbyists. The make their money through their BC Government access and connections. And we should listen to anything they have to say? Really?
Rating: +5
Tara S.
Let them try... It's not just a dislike of Chrusty that we don't like... IT'S BEING LIED TO OVER AND OVER by the BC Libs... call the election NOW before they can do any further harm! Can't we impeach or something?
Rating: -5
Hmmm...Messiah Complex!
Rating: 0
@stock...who are these investors that he speaks of.....10 years of BCliberals ....nobody is investing in BC....can someone name a single mill or plant that has opened in the last 10 years
Rating: +2
The arrogance of these people is just astounding. They have the nerve to claim the NDP will "...ruin the province" after they have spent the last 10 years trashing the place while stuffing their own pockets?

Yeah I think I'd rather take a chance that the NDP may or may not do a better job than know for certain the Libs/Cons will continue to make things worse.
Rating: +12
Stockyard Day will be seen as a very viable leader of the BC Conservatives, that is until he actually runs for the Leadership.

BC Conservatives are off in Dreamland and Stockboy Day is just a Fantasy that seems great, until he actually opens his mouth and says what he means. Then the dream ends and the Nightmare begins.

By the way Gord - Dorkio, took office with a $21 Billion Dollar BC Debt. The last 2 years of the NDP had ballanced budgets ( no borrowing).

Gord - The Shit Head, borrowed $7 Billion in his first year in office.

One of his wonderful cost cutting measures was to cut the $3.1 Million Dollar grant for a hot lunch program for East Vancouver Schools.

The Conservatives Cheered this decision

This is a perfect example of the Heartless and Souless Corruption that is the BC Liberals and Conservatives

Rating: +8
Joebin SchWartz
Stockwell Day? Please!! What self respecting moderate would listen to a single word this bible thumping yahoo has to say? If any federal Liberals are still members of this so called coalition, they should renounce their party membership and go to confession! Shame on them!
Rating: -1
NDP are terrible people, the party should actually be dissolved look at the actions of PSAC union. It would be even worse under the NDP in BC, but Christy Clark is not the answer, must find a better leader Stockwell.
Rating: -3
I call for stockwell day to just go away
Rating: 0
Lord Stanley
Ah, Chicken Little "the sky is falling - we can't let those commies in" Day. How long can the conservative camp keep bleating the same old fear-mongering cliches before the people in the middle see through it? I'll have to say, at this point, the Liberals have squandered any credibility they may have had as they sold our province down the river (literally and figuratively), and lied to the public that voted them in every step of the way. Good luck with that right-wing coalition after the election!
Rating: +2
Feel free to dust off the jet ski, Doris!

You can't help them anyway.
Rating: -4
Nunya Biznis
Does no-one remember the shitpile left by the NDP after the 90's? Sweet Baby Jesus, I'm heading for Alberta.
Rating: -3
Just Wondering
Nunya Biznis----
The only shitpile (as you put it) left after the NDP was the one your mainstream media built. In case you didn't notice, it had no foundation.
Rating: +1
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