Straight Talk

Since Bif Naked embarked on the week-long Welfare Food Challenge, many people have reached out to tell her about their experiences living in poverty.
There is a precedent—Robertson quit as an NDP MLA to run for mayor in 2008.
The candidate for park board says this amounts to religious discrimination.
Vancouver police officers are aiding in the investigation of a gunman who launched an attack on Parliament Hill the morning of October 22.
For the second year in a row, Surrey city councillors are sending additional homeless-outreach workers into the streets after failing to find a suitable location for a winter shelter.
New Westminster mayor Wayne Wright says he's in a difficult situation ahead of November elections.
Wesley Wark told CBC that the shootings were clearly organized.
One gunman is dead and another is believed to be on the loose in Ottawa.
With the Vancouver election less than a month away, candidates are promising to improve public transit in the city.
Two civic-election observers suggest that although Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson is favoured to win another term, he doesn’t have a lock on it.