Surrey nudists are united for clothing-free beach

The 6.5 kilometres of shoreline from Crescent Beach to White Rock is known as Crescent Rock Beach, named after the 120-tonne granite boulder that sits at the water’s edge just south of the Christopherson Steps at 24 Avenue [“Step down to Surrey beach, April 26–May 3]. While Jack Christie points out the naturalist possibilities at this rugged and secluded area, he should know that it is also the “naturist” beach for Fraser Valley residents, being Surrey’s version of Wreck Beach in Vancouver.

Surrey’s United Naturists have been lobbying for the provincial government to officially recognize and sign this area as “clothing optional”, as was done for Wreck Beach over 30 years ago. Last year the City of Surrey removed the 1,001 Steps area from the Nature Trails section of its website after receiving just one complaint of public nudity near Kwomais Point. While the RCMP has officially informed Surrey’s United Naturists that nude sunbathing and skinny-dipping are legal at Crescent Rock Beach, Surrey’s parks manager, Owen Croy, refuses to advertise the historic nude use of this area dating back over 50 years, which we believe is a disservice to residents and visitors alike.

Georgia Straight readers need to realize that if they go to the 1,001 Steps shoreline on warm sunny days in the spring, summer, and fall, they will likely encounter naturists and nudists peacefully relaxing on the limited sand found between the rocks that protect the railway from wave erosion. Hopefully, this will attract those seeking the chance to be naked in nature, enjoying this basic freedom along with the benefits of an all-over suntan.

In the interest of public safety, do not use the BNSF Railway line as a nature trail to access Surrey’s nude beach. This is both trespassing and dangerous, with fast-moving freight and passenger trains utilizing the waterfront tracks.

> Don Pitcairn / President, Surrey’s United Naturists